Elliot Lake Shopping Mall Rooftop Collapse –My View on It

Even though I’m currently travelling  here in the U.S., I still try to keep up-to-date with what’s happening back in Canada. Since I had been discussing in my recent  blogs about some aspects of shopping, the ongoing news about the parking lot rooftop collapse at the shopping mall in Elliot Lake, Ontario hits a chord in many aspects. First, an everchanging list of missing/surviving folks believed to be inside the mall as well as moment-to-moment updates on the rescue operations.

Considering that it’s taking quite some time to figure out how to have a safe and timely rescue of the people trapped within the rubble has really raised the frustration, anger and anxiety levels of the townsfolk. At the same time, they are drawing in their faith to help them ride through this very difficult moment. The shopping mall is located in  Elliot Lake, a town with a relatively small population where everybody knows everybody. The nearest big city  in Ontario province would be Sudbury. Both places are located in the upper north area of Ontario. The shopping mall is one of the town’s main employers(the other main  industry being mining).

One obvious point of this story is the fact that the shopping mall is inside a very old building with a prior history of building code violations. Whether it’s govt. bureaucracy  or budgetary concerns compromising  infrastructure safety, it unfortunately led to the injury and deaths of the victims (as of latest update these past 4 days —1 dead, 12 missing, at least 30 injured) and it needs to be addressed swiftly. This should never happen again.

Things happen for a reason but sometimes, it can be very hard to see the logic behind it. It may  take several days to look back and get the answer.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.


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