Flight Delays, Riding First Class On Coach Fare–(Say That Again?)

I’m so glad to be back home here in Canada.  I’m still in the process of getting my bearings. They say that when life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade. Another way of dealing with unexpected happenings is to go with the flow and act accordingly. You never know. A surprise could be there waiting for you at the very end.

This brings me with my latest adventure,mon ami. Looking back, it somehow unwittingly  worked to my benefit.

It all began on my recent trip back to Canada. One of the most unpleasant travel experiences that one can have is dealing with flight delays and cancellations.

In my case, I didn’t like the prospect of staying in the airport terminal for the next 9 hours just because my original flight time was delayed for whatever mysterious reason it may be.

I asked the lady at the airline ticket counter to help me get a different connection so I can travel home much faster for which she obliged to do so. After 10 minutes, she was able to guarantee  a flight from another connecting city but also placed me on 2 standby flights ahead of it as a precaution. If I can fly out on standby, then well and good.

I was able to get on the 2nd standby flight and upon entering the aircraft, I was looking at the first set of seats appearing wide and spacious with  big overhead bins. i thought it was a brand new plane. When I got to my window  seat on the 3rd row, I noticed that a curtain was hanging behind it. When I looked further down the rest of the rows, I realized that I  was assigned a standby seat in  the first class section! Sacre bleu! How lucky can I get?  And to think that I always pay coach fare at the best rate! Talk about being kicked to first class!(he,he)

I initially thought that I was dreaming and kept pinching myself. Nope. Not a dream.  Then I was waiting for a big bully to come up to moi and shout out that I stole his seat. Didn’t happen either. Not even a shadow.

The stewardess went around the first class cabin 2x bringing glasses of water(real glass,not plastic) to us,took also our drink order which all came again in real glasses(not plastic) and served us each a hot meal. Initially, I was concerned about paying extra since I always travel on a tight budget but the stewardess assured me  that the meal was already included in the price of the ticket.(She didn’t even know that I was a standby on coach fare!) The hot meals were served in real china with real silverware.  So this is how the other half lives.I could put all my carry-on luggage and totes either under my seat or at the overhead bin  and still have ample space to stretch my legs out.

This lucky yet surprising situation for me worked out very well because we were delayed at the tarmac for an hour because of strong headwinds.Experiencing comfort in first class while waiting it out. What are the chances that it can happen again for me? If it did, I’m buying a lottery ticket!

I looked around the first class cabin. My fellow passengers looked like regular folks wearing casual wear but it was what they brought with them on board that made me think that they’re really used to riding first class. The lady in front of me had brought a huge Louis Vitton drawstring tote bag(probably genuine) and was wearing a huge diamond ring. The man beside me is probably Jewish since he was wearing a yamaca. He was holding an apparently brand new Kobe e-reader and was practically reading for the entire flight except mealtime of course. His meal was Kosher, I could tell. Trust me on this one,mon ami.The man before him had an IPad which also looked brand new to me and he was doing games during the  flight.

Obviously, I had a grand time and was extremely reluctant to leave the plane to go to my final connection which of course I will be riding again on coach class. But that’s the way it is. I just enjoyed the moment and had a great time reminiscing it. At least it  gave me a good memory of my travel.

So the flight delay for me became a silver lining which led to savoring the first-class experience. But I believed that for it to happen, I had to be flexible in adjusting to different flight schedules and going with the flow.

That’s it for now. Au revoir!



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