Canadian Summer Weather 2012–As I See It

After experiencing the intense heat wave on my recent U.S. trip, the current Canadian summer weather is very comfortable for me. Usually in the lower to mid-80’s F,breezy and with no humidity. of course, sometimes, it can go up to the 90’s with humidity but that’s on an occasional basis. While I was away, Canada has had its share of rain which initially was quite frequent during June and the 1st half of July. In a way, having some rain is good for the crops. No drought,no resulting food shortage.

Global warming,perhaps?An oldtimer told me that this year’s summer weather is quite unheard of ¬†for her.Considering we just had a mild winter weather this year, it does make sense that things aren’t what they’re expected to be.

Enjoy the great outdoors while wearing less clothing,meaning no jackets,scarves,boots,long johns,etc. because the nippy weather will be upon us again. This applies to all folks who live in countries experiencing the 4 seasons.

Until then!


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