Needles in Sandwiches? OMG! What’s Next?

Today’s news about the US-bound flight from Amsterdam (c/o Delta Airlines) regarding 4 sewing needles found in turkey sandwiches served on separate flights made me cringe and second guess about my recent US trip if I had ingested any sandwiches in-flight. Luckily, I didn’t.I don’t like the idea of having a perforated intestine or stomach from it. I also  hate to take HIV or Hepatitis  medication as a precaution.One  of the male passengers who were interviewed  was told to take the latest USDA -approved drug to combat HIV(called Truvada) which was a sad reality to take in. One of the 4 passengers was even a US air marshal who saw one of the 4 needles in his sandwich.

With all airline and airport security precautions evolving over the years, it was inevitable ,mon ami, that airline food will be one of the new targets at some point.

Even if the current situation with  Delta Airlines and the catere(GateGourmet) didn’t appear to be due to terroristic intentions at this time, I fully agree with the FBI and the NTSB investigatng it alongside the Dept . of Health to cover all bases as a precaution.

Well, it looks like we can’t even bring anything solid like a dry sandwich on board anymore, much less be served a fresh sandwich, because they’re now deemed as security risks. It’s either all airline food will have to be vacuum sealed before boarded on the flight and the menu? It may now be open-faced sandwiches,pizza,anything that will make you SEE what you’re eating. As for drinks, perhaps, anything opaque like milk will have to go too. All CLEAR fluids might be the norm. And to think that we usually complain about being served peanuts in-flight. At least, it’s still safe to eat them.

They’ll have to SCAN all food trays and go through the metal detector to spot any needles,etc. All the food servers and even the catering truck and the driver have to be inspected too. Don’t forget the airline chef and his cooking crew since the food is created by them. Radioactive food,anyone? And to think that fears from the body scan radiation isn’t enough for us.

I know that my imagination is running wild right now but if you were an official connected with homeland security,wouldn’t you be? But realistically, you can’t possibly inspect every sandwich pre-flight but it does make you pause and second-guess your next step.

I guess that more food testers will need to be hired by the airlines . That’s a new job creation in effect.It better have hefty job benefits considering the job risk involved. To paraphrase, you are only as good as your last meal.

It’s not only heads of state that have them for their overall protection.

In spite of it all, it shouldn’t take the joy out of eating. it’s just that now, we’ll have to to do it with a wary eye sadly.

Bon apetit!


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