Aurora Colorado Shooting Survivors ‘ Need For A Health Care Plan (Canadian Style,Perhaps?)

It has been a little over a week since that tragic moviehouse mass shooting in Aurora,Colorado. Lately, there had been numerous accounts of several  surviving shooting victims and their family/friends trying to find ways to get the surmounting medical bills paid up. The hospitals where they’re all being treated had helped out waiving this and that fee. Even the movie company that released that Batman film on that fateful day had helped defray some of the costs with  an undisclosed monetary donation to the  shooting victims’ fund.

Majority of them have no health insurance. With today’s faltering economy,it’s no surprise that it’s hard to obtain job-related health insurance benefits if one doesn’t have work nor even the funds to pay the tax-deductible premiums even if one is unemployed.

It makes me feel quite lucky that I have a Canadian-styled form of socialized medical health plan which is often maligned by some of those U.S. politicians. I carry a provincial government – issued heath card and all inpatient stays,,lab work ,other medical diagnostic work-ups,inpatient treatment as well as outpatient physician visits which are all paid by the government courtesy of citizen taxation. No need to contact a health insurance agent by phone to get authorization as to how long a patient can stay in the hospital or if a certain diagnostic test is really needed to be done.

One would need though to get private prescription plan coverage(ex. Blue Cross/Blue Shield) to cover outpatient medications,dental and vision check-ups. If not, you got to pay it out of pocket. Only consolation will be that it’s tax-deductible here in Canada. Same also goes when paying into such a plan itself.

The  downside at times is to be on the waiting list when trying to get a specialist’s referral . This happens because there are comparatively lesser number of physicians in Canada than in the US. You get moved up the list when your situation becomes more urgent/critical.

Our health plan here may not be perfect but it has been helpful for a long time, I couldn’t help but think that the US healthcare coverage system should be improved further.  I could see why President Obama wanted it changed in the first place. His version of such a change is somewhat  a little similar here in Canada but I guess that being an election year, the GOP(opposition party) would want to tear it down without mentioning any alternatives, inspite of a recent US Supreme Court approval of the Obamacare heath plan.

I’m doing OK with the Canadian health plan.It hasn’t killed me.

The Aurora Shooting survivors deserve a similar health plan NOW but I guess that being a US  politician, one can become shielded, blindsided and even not empathic since they themselves and also with their famiiles have a fantastic job-related health plan  package to rely on in times of illness.

It’s like Marie Antoinette telling her subjects with her famous words “Let them eat cake!”. Well,she ended up in the guillotine. Karma’s the bitch as the saying goes.

The  Aurora shooting victims didn’t ask to be shot. If that gunman could pay for all their medical bills, why not? But in the meantime, something has to be done for them ,particularly US health care reform.

What more of a wake-up call do these U.S. politicians need to install US healthcare reform? The Aurora shooting victims’ situation is already 1 glaring example. They really don’t deserve to suffer more in terms of worrying about financing their medical treatment. It’s already tough enough to deal with the physical suffering inflicted on them from that fateful night.

And that’s my 2 cents’ worth on this matter .




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