The London Summer Olympics 2012–As I See It

The Summer Olympics are here again,folks. This time it’s in London. I was able to watch a bit of the opening ceremony. The best one for me was that of Queen Elizabeth II and the James Bond actor (Daniel Craig) in a taped movie short, meeting and leaving Buckingham Palace to fly out towards the Olympic Stadium via the Royal Chopper. The piece de resistance was that through the magic of moviemaking and 2 stuntmen dressing as the queen and James Bond,it would appear like the 2 most recognized Brits had parachuted down towards a gobsmacked audience.

Sacre bleu! Queen Elizabeth is the newest Bond girl! Who knew it would ever happen? Considering that she has a good sense of humor would never be denied.She may not be too stuffy after all.

At least you can view that whole scene   via Youtube. It always took my breath away watching that scene again.

The competitions are still ongoing and the Olympic medal count being monitored constantly by  any aspiring country for  bragging rights.

May the best man win and good sportsmanship prevail.

Once this is over, the next venue will be Brazil in 2016.



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