Needles in Sandwiches on a Canadian Domestic Flight (Deja Vu?)

As a follow-up to my blog last 7/17/12 regarding needles inside catered  sandwiches for inflight meals, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I recently read an article here in Canada of a similar incident just discovered in a Canadian domestic flight(c/o Air Canada) from Victoria,British Columbia to Toronto,Ontario.

Investigations are ongoing as well as collaboration with Amsterdam police(from last month’s incident) but I couldn’t help but think that either copycats are around making mischief or a nefarious group is trying to find another outlet to make a statement. This time,it hits Canadian soil and not in Amsterdam like the last time. Deja vu? What’s next? A US domestic flight? Anything is possible,mon ami .

Nevertheless, vigilance even in what we eat inflight is emphasized even more now. Peanuts,anyone?


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