Back to School Sales(Christmas in August–Really!)

As that popular Staples commercial said ,” it’s the most wonderful time of the year” and I don’t mean Christmas even if the familiar Yuletide lyrics  was  playing over that commercial.

It’s the annual back to school sales which is in a way the Christmas shopping season for Staples and all other stores that sell books,office and school supplies. Electronics like notebooks,etc. are also included here since we live now in a high-tech world so the electronic stores like Radio Shack benefit too. Furniture stores like Ikea also  thrive during this time  since college-bound kids need to look into new fixings for their new pad come the new schoolyear. The clothing stores benefit too since most school-bound folks want at least a fresh set of basic clothes to help them feel comfortable during their school hours.

If budget’s a concern considering that one has to put up with school loans, the thrift stores would be a good option to look into as well. Just make sure that you’ll get as much maximum quality from such cheap purchases as you could or else, it’ll still be wasted money for you.

Like Christmas, if you don’t want to be fried by the current heat wave nor deal with the crowds, there’s always online shopping. If you can  also get free shipping with it, so much the better!

For me personally, this is the time of year that I also look for great bargains to stock up on office supplies like pen,notebook paper,shoes,etc. and if I’m patient enough, the sales keep getting better as the schoolyear approaches. The stores in their eagerness to get rid of their back to school inventory in time for the fall, they’ll slash prices even more. At the same time, they’ll also keep on their summer liquidation sales so you get double bargains as well.

One doesn’t have to be a student to enjoy this particular sales season.

Happy shopping in this “Christmas season” in August! I kid you not!


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