Life Can Be Fleeting at Times

Just recently, I saw a very familiar face in my town’s  newspaper’s obituary section. It was quite a shock for me to see her face since I never had imagined that her life would end so quickly. She was only in her  mid-50’s. The obituary stated that no viewing will take place and in lieu of flowers, to donate to a charity in her memory. Her death was reported as sudden with no known given reason.

Since I never informed her family that I will be writing a blog about her, for privacy purposes, I’ll call her Rona in this blog.

I’m really at  a loss for  the exact words as to what to say but I guess, I’ll write from my heart instead.

Rona was a very funny,vivacious ,smart and kind lady who always sees the optimistic side of life. I used to work with her during my volunteer work in a downtown agency for the municipal government.

Having her as  a working colleague was a treasure and made the whole volunteer experience quite enjoyable for me.

Life can be fleeting at times like in this case. It’s so surreal. It seemed like only yesterday that  I was chatting with her and now today,she’s gone!

As I had always said time and time again, make the most of everyday ‘coz we don’t know when our life will exactly end.

She was also quite a tech whiz, always up -to-date with the latest technology news.

I’ll really miss her. Godspeed, Rona!

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Au revoir, mon ami!


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