Mass Shootout at the Empire State Building,New York City

Here we go again as usual, folks!  It’s beginning to sound like a broken record. Since  the last shootout in US soil(i.e. at Texas A & M campus) last week, this time, it’s at Gotham City, I mean New York City. In the Empire State known as New York, one of its  most famous tourist attractions  is in the borough of Manhattan which is part of New York City. We’re talking about the Empire State Building , located at 34th Street and 5th Avenue.

Security has always been tight there especially after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and so needed with the daily heavy influx of tourists trying to go into that building to get a good view of the entire city and neighboring New Jersey , Connecticut,Long Island,Staten Island and parts of upper New York State. That building has been the scene of so many tourist photos, movie film shootings and even marriage proposals, mon ami.

Initial reports stated that  outside the entrance of the Empire State Building at a  little past 9 am ET(rush hour)today, a lone gunman was seen  with  a 45 calibre hand gun, running down the street and in the process,  shooting passers-by..  2 security guards reportedly  confronted and chased the gunman away and the NYC police took on the chase and eventually shot  the gunman very shortly after. Total so far of 10 people were shot.From that, total of 2 including this gunman are dead which leaves 8 wounded as of this time. No links to terrorism were found so far. Among the 8 wounded, 6 were sent to nearby  Belleview Hospital which reported all 6 injuries as non-life threatening.

The body of the gunman is still at this time outside the entrance of the Empire State Building and cordoned off around it as a crime scene.

Upon today’s press conference with the NYC mayor and the NY state police chief, the backstory was that the gunman(53 y/o Jeffrey Johnson) earlier was at a fashion apparel store about a block away from the Empire State Buiding. At  that store, he shot someone on the head and fled. He reportedly was spotted by a nearby construction worker who then notified 2 security guards who were both stationed at the Empire State Builiding. From there, the whole subsequent shootout at the Empire State Building then ensued.

Mr. Johnson allegedly shot a 41 y/o former employer inside that fashion apparel store with a handgun hidden inside a black plastic bag that he was carrying into that store.Motive apparently could be related to the fact that he was laid-off from that store due to corporate downsizing in light of the current state of the US economy.

Investigation is still ongoing and some details could still change later on.

Essentially, the topic of gun violence can’t be changed nor denied again,folks.

Gun control ,gun use and 2nd Amendment rights will be discussed again, probably to no avail as usual. As I had said earlier, it sounds like a broken record.

I used to live in New York City some years back and I can tell you this. NYC will survive this. They already survived 9/11,mind you.

As the song goes, the city has an Empire state of mind.


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