Life and Its Changes,Surprises,etc.

They always  say that sometimes, the best laid-out plans just don’t turn out to be the way that we all expect it to be. Life can give us a curveball and we just have to adjust and make the most of the situation that’s presented to us. It’s like that popular quote: When life gives you lemons,make lemonade out of them.

If I were to quote what that character Forrest Gump said; “My Mama said that life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get until you open it.”

The one thing that’s consistent in life is change. It’ll always be there in all shapes,sizes,consistencies,colors,etc.

Perhaps,that’s why life is considered to be not boring and always full of surprises for us.

There is a reason for change to exist in our lives.The answer may not hit it right in our faces just yet but when we look back later on, it”ll all make sense. As they say, things happen for a reason.

Savor the moment and make the most of it. Enjoy the ride!



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