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I’m becoming more dumbfounded since for the past 2 and  2 and a  half weeks, a 3rd mass shootout had  occurred in the U.S., this time in an apartment building 1 block away from the campus of Texas A & M in College Station,Texas,USA.  First was in a moviehouse in  Aurora,Colorado and the most recent one was just 1 week ago at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek,Wisconsin.

The report stated that a little after 12 noon today(Central  Time in Texas), a police officer went to an apartment to serve someone an eviction notice. The person concerned apparently responded by fatally shooting the officer with automatic weapons.

He continued shooting nevertheless as he attempted to flee and in the process, 3 people died including the police officer and the suspected gunman himself. Apparently,he was shot by other police officers, was taken into custody and later died. 4 others including 3 police officers and 1 female civilian were also wounded in the process.

Would an ongoing discussion regarding gun use and its  regulation and the right to carry arms for self-defense finally  come into fore? Are the politicians finally going to do it? Or are they more concerned that  dealing  into that issue would cost them their reelection bids in the near future? Perhaps, if one of their relatives had  become a direct victim of such an atrocity, they’ll sing a different tune. Just saying.

It’s very appalling to see 3 mass shooting episodes in so short a time.

Has frustration with society already made some folks deal with their problems solely by answering with gunshots? I doubt one can substantially achieve answers to their problems in this way.

Nevertheless, it shows that it has become a very serious social problem which will not go away anytime soon , not with the lack of effort to rectify the situation at all.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.


As the song goes,  Old McDonald  had a farm and had all sorts of animals.

For my topic today, I’ll be bringing up the issue of raw milk( yes, the milk squeezed out from the udders of cows,goats,buffaloes,etc by hand or machine) as to whether it’s safe to drink or not.

A dairy farmer in Ontario,Canada has been battling the Dairy Board of Ontario regarding the regulations regarding the  production,distribution and selling of raw milk which is deemed illegal in Ontario province.

It’s really amazing how we’re all so concerned about what food we eat and how it’s prepared today.

In the olden times, the farmer would subsist on food derived from all the animals and plants he had tended in his farm. No factory preservatives involved. To preserve food, curing,canning with herbs and spices are used. Cooking recipes were simple and straight forward too so as to bring out the natural ,fresh flavors of the food ingredients.

Case in point, let’s take raw milk  consumption before Monsieur Louis Pasteur implemented the process of pasteurization to eliminate any existing microbes which may harm our overall health.

I’m quite sure when these 4-legged animals bore their young, these offsprings drank their mother’s raw milk for nourishment. It didn’t kill them. Don’t  even get me started on human breast milk. And to think that experts extol the health benefits of breastfeeding vs. bottle-feeding for human babies.

Perhaps the ongoing concern of raw milk nowadays is whether proper and sanitary handling of farm animals were implemented in the first place to ensure safe production of such milk and not necessarily raw milk per se.

I’m not fully aware of the Ontario dairy farmer’s circumstances to comment further regarding this aspect but based on what I have read so far,  that person’s s determined to continue selling raw milk and in fact has a solid customer base.

Some people love the taste of raw milk.  They don’t like the taste of pasteurized milk and perceive it as less nutritious since they believe that all the necessary nutrients had been killed off or removed in the dairy plant. They said that it didn’t kill their ancestors so why should it be a problem for them today?!

Whatever,this topic will still be ongoing in the days to come.

Milk is good for you whether in its pure form or unless you’re lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive ,then other secondary milk products(yogurt,cheese,etc) would be good too.

Got milk?

As the Italians say, Salut!



As that popular Staples commercial said ,” it’s the most wonderful time of the year” and I don’t mean Christmas even if the familiar Yuletide lyrics  was  playing over that commercial.

It’s the annual back to school sales which is in a way the Christmas shopping season for Staples and all other stores that sell books,office and school supplies. Electronics like notebooks,etc. are also included here since we live now in a high-tech world so the electronic stores like Radio Shack benefit too. Furniture stores like Ikea also  thrive during this time  since college-bound kids need to look into new fixings for their new pad come the new schoolyear. The clothing stores benefit too since most school-bound folks want at least a fresh set of basic clothes to help them feel comfortable during their school hours.

If budget’s a concern considering that one has to put up with school loans, the thrift stores would be a good option to look into as well. Just make sure that you’ll get as much maximum quality from such cheap purchases as you could or else, it’ll still be wasted money for you.

Like Christmas, if you don’t want to be fried by the current heat wave nor deal with the crowds, there’s always online shopping. If you can  also get free shipping with it, so much the better!

For me personally, this is the time of year that I also look for great bargains to stock up on office supplies like pen,notebook paper,shoes,etc. and if I’m patient enough, the sales keep getting better as the schoolyear approaches. The stores in their eagerness to get rid of their back to school inventory in time for the fall, they’ll slash prices even more. At the same time, they’ll also keep on their summer liquidation sales so you get double bargains as well.

One doesn’t have to be a student to enjoy this particular sales season.

Happy shopping in this “Christmas season” in August! I kid you not!


The month of August is here and we practically are now  within the halfway time mark of summer. The days are slowly getting shorter, the heat wave is still ongoing though there’ll be sprurts of random showers in between  and  summer activities to celebrate the season.

A sign that autumn is coming is with the start of back-to-school sales  with the stores hoping to entice all parents to part with their paychecks this early so as to stock up on school supplies,fall clothes,etc. I wonder if the kids’ mindset are already on back-to-school mode at all? Nah. I bet you that they’re still enjoying their summer .

Another sign of upcoming fall weather is the changing of the colors of the leaves but it’s still quite early  yet for that to happen,mon ami. When it does, it’s a sight to behold, I assure you.

Thirdly, there’ll be a gradual nipping of the air intermixed with the heat until you really finally notice it. As soon as the BER months(Sept,Oct,Nove,Dec) come, the nippy air will be full blast in intensity as it nears the end of the year.

August also means for me  the yearly observance of the deaths of 2 celebrities (Marilyn Monroe–Aug. 5  and Elvis Presley– Aug. 16) during this month. Both of them are very interesting people who have made a big impact in the entertainment world.

Take each day at a time and enjoy every moment of it.



Once again,folks,another mass shootout is in the news. It has been only a little over 2 weeks since that moviehouse massacre in Aurora,Colorado.

This time, it’s in a place of worship specifically a Sikh temple in Oak Creek,Wisconsin,USA(located southward between the cities of Milwaukee and Racine). This happened today on a Sunday, a day of worship when everyone in that temple  gather together to celebrate their relationship with their god. This is no different when one goes to church to reconnect with one’s god.

This only reinforces the thought that we now live in dangerous times and no place is 100% safe for us anymore . I had already discussed this in my previous blog on 7/20/12 regarding the Aurora moviehouse massacre but at that time, only in the context of the safety issues being compromised inside a movie theatre.

Initial reports stated that 7 people including the gunman are dead. Many were wounded and among them, a policeman who was able to shoot the gunman down for good.

The police hasn’t yet released details about the gunman though in some unconfirmed press releases leaking around,it was said that he allegedly has a 9/11 tatoo on his arm. Obviously, they were able to identify him since they’re now at his home and taking extra precautions before entering inside in case his place is also boobytrapped like that of the Colorado gunman just a little more than 2 weeks ago.

The Oak Creek police force is relatively smaller but has now been aided by other depts. like the FBI for instance . Initial press conference stated that it was a case of domestic terrorism. The temple is currently a crime scene and investigations as of this time are still ongoing and would probably stretch out way into the night.

Follow-up press conference will be tomorrow hopefully with more details about the mass shootout and the gunman.

In the mean time, rampant speculations about whether it’s a hate crime considering the ethnicity of the group targeted and the reasons leading to the shootout persist. Is the gunman also a nut case?A copycat? Does he have an axe to grind with the Indian community or just a few? Is he even one of their own?

One thing is evident. Gun use vs. gun control vs. 2nd amendment rights discussions will reignite once again.

What’s heartbreaking is that one can no longer feel safe going inside a place of worship. I dread to see the day that we may need to go through a metal detector or have a bag check before entering a religious sanctuary.

And to think that we always feel safe inside our respective place of worship because we all perceive that we’re shielded from the dangers of the world.

My thoughts and prayers are to the people inside that Sikh temple and to the rest of the citizens within  Oak Creek, Wisconsin,USA. May justice prevail.


With the ongoing summer heat wave upon us, absolute comfort is necessary in terms of our clothing and having the fan/AC around us as well. It’s also important to consider what to eat during this time of year too. Sandwiches,salad,cold desserts and other light meals are  usually considered because they take less cooking time and therefore, less heat to feel around. It also is less taxing on our digestive system since it wouldn’t make us feel too heated up after eating. The heavier meal choices are eaten during the cold months so as to get enough heat as well as sustenance into our systems.

What’s more important is to consider your comfort level  in making wise food choices during the summer  months. There’s no such thing as a perfect summer food. It’s influenced greatly by one’s upbringing and cultural background. Also take into consideration your medical history if you have any known food allergies or other medical illnesses  which may affect your food  choices.

Whatever works for you, go for it!

Bon appetit!


As a follow-up to my blog last 7/17/12 regarding needles inside catered  sandwiches for inflight meals, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I recently read an article here in Canada of a similar incident just discovered in a Canadian domestic flight(c/o Air Canada) from Victoria,British Columbia to Toronto,Ontario.

Investigations are ongoing as well as collaboration with Amsterdam police(from last month’s incident) but I couldn’t help but think that either copycats are around making mischief or a nefarious group is trying to find another outlet to make a statement. This time,it hits Canadian soil and not in Amsterdam like the last time. Deja vu? What’s next? A US domestic flight? Anything is possible,mon ami .

Nevertheless, vigilance even in what we eat inflight is emphasized even more now. Peanuts,anyone?


The Summer Olympics are here again,folks. This time it’s in London. I was able to watch a bit of the opening ceremony. The best one for me was that of Queen Elizabeth II and the James Bond actor (Daniel Craig) in a taped movie short, meeting and leaving Buckingham Palace to fly out towards the Olympic Stadium via the Royal Chopper. The piece de resistance was that through the magic of moviemaking and 2 stuntmen dressing as the queen and James Bond,it would appear like the 2 most recognized Brits had parachuted down towards a gobsmacked audience.

Sacre bleu! Queen Elizabeth is the newest Bond girl! Who knew it would ever happen? Considering that she has a good sense of humor would never be denied.She may not be too stuffy after all.

At least you can view that whole scene   via Youtube. It always took my breath away watching that scene again.

The competitions are still ongoing and the Olympic medal count being monitored constantly by  any aspiring country for  bragging rights.

May the best man win and good sportsmanship prevail.

Once this is over, the next venue will be Brazil in 2016.