Taking Chances and Having Nothing to Lose

Someone I know had to make a very difficult decision to undergo a heart operation wherein one of her heart valves will be replaced with a pig’s heart valve. She has a heart disorder similar to her late father who unfortunately didn’t live long enough to undergo this specific heart surgery which didn’t exist during his time.

She was naturally frightened,feeling hopeless and tearful as she was telling me that her doctor didn’t sugarcoat the facts to her saying that they had tried everything and that medications just aren’t enough anymore and that  this high-risk surgery was her last resort. Yet she was told that the pig ‘s heart valve is only good for 10 years and no other alternatives after was mentioned either.

She agreed to undergo the procedure but felt overwhelmed about it. I told her that if I were in her shoes, I would feel the same way but she has to look at this as an  opportunity in so many ways.

She has to see this as a chance to prolong her life and not be too focused on the 10 year timetable. She nor I really wouldn’t know in 10 years how medical technology would be by then. Something could still come up that would be of help to her by that time. I told her that it’s all about taking chances and having nothing to lose at this point. If she had decided not to be operated on, then it’s really a lose-lose situation. I also told her to pray since God helps those who help themselves.

She went for the surgery just recently and accdg. to her family, the surgery was a success though she initially almost died from that procedure.

I felt relieved and happy for her nevertheless.

As they say, no guts, no glory.



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