Shootout at the Parti Quebecois Victory Rally in Quebec, Canada

Well,folks.It looks like even here in Canadian politics, shootouts are starting to be common here. During a victory speech early midnight today, the 1st female premier-elect of  Quebec, Pauline Marois suddenly had to be  taken away by 4 bodyguards because a  62 y/o  masked gunman reportedly shooted rapidly from behind the backroom inside the Metropolis auditorium where the victory rally was held.The gunman ran out and even set a small fire outside the venue before being caught.As he was held up, he reportedly shouted”The English are waking up.” A 45 y/o man, a stage technician was reportedly shot dead,a 30 y/o man was wounded and a 3rd man went into shock.

Ms. Marois is of the separatist Parti Quebecois, a political party favoring separation of Quebec,a predominantly French-speaking province from the rest of Canada.

Quebec has been in the news for as  long as I can remember of its desire to preserve its French heritage and to secede from Canada yet wanting a piece of the federal cash and benefit pie.

Frankly, I feel that in this  case, one can’t have their cake always and eat it too. If they want to secede, they go ahead but do it alone,raising their own taxation plans and develop their own currency and Constitution without getting the rest of Canada involved. They got to let the apron strings go but based on the latest Quebec provincial election results, the Parti Quebecois only won a small handful of votes enough only to hold a minority govt.

I interpret that as majority of Quebecers are not too keen of secession and would want to remain as Canadian citizens. Besides, Ms. Marois can’t really make a go of it since she only holds a minority government, unless she starts political alliances to make it happen. I still think that it’ll be political suicide for her since the people have spoken. They just don’t have the appetite for it .

This discussion will go on and on but going back to the topic of gun use,control and regulation, this secession issue will only serve as a cataylst for some very passionate people to use gunfire to drive their point against the secession issue like what that masked gunman did.

Heaven help us!



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