When the Transit Buses Go on Strike

Eversince I came back from my recent US trip, I just found out that my local transit bus company went on a complete shutdown , courtesy of our local city hall. Reason was that there had been ongoing yet fruitless negotiations to agree on pertaining to wages,benefits,etc. This had been going on for several months already and there was already even an official strike vote a few months back. Currently, there’s an impasse with no resumpton of talks so far. This bus strike has already been a little over 2 months now.

I sincerely hope that both parties can start again to lower their respective , hardline stances.

I personally take public transport so I’m fully aware of the repercussions of being unable to get from point A to point B. Luckily, I didn’t have any dire need during this summer season to take public transport since I live in a residential communnity surrounded by an ever expanding commercial  area. Therefore, most of the stores and establishments are within my reach.

Now with the upcoming autumn season and the schoolyear resuming now, hopefully, this transit bus strike will end very soon.

I have seen a lot of people walk very long distances to get to their destination and in some cases, some folks had to take the cab to get to medical appointments,etc. Some had to carpool if necessary.Asking anyone to give you a lift can’t be done too often because it imposes on people understandably.

With the rising costs of things especially gasoline, it’s hard to keep and maintain a car, much less pay for a cab.

City hall politicians and the bus transit union are doing a disservice to their tax-paying citizens by dragging this issue on. It gives us the perception that they’re not empathic of the public’s transit needs and just being too focused only on their personal needs and false sense of pride.

Wake up!!!  It’s been too long already! You can’t just justify this delay any longer! Get ready for the upcoming rallies by everyone(students, workers,seniors,etc) since Labor Day is over and the daily grind begins. It’ll only get worse before winter arrives.



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