The Last Canadian Penny and Others of Its Kind for that Matter

This past May, the Royal Canadian Mint had finished imprinting the last Canadian penny. Reason was that it was more costly to produce each penny than the price of the penny itself. All existing Canadian pennies will still remain in circulation for a while.They expect that it’ll all  eventually disappear from existence. Cash transactions in the future will probably involve rounding up change to the nearest nickel or dime or quarter since pennies by that time would be nonexistent. However, we were also told that if we use debit,credit or other cashless transactions to make purchases, it’ll still be whatever amount it is due,even to the last penny.No rounding up either. Huh?

By the way, that last Canadian penny is now on permanent exhibit at the Royal Canadian Mint  in Ottawa(the national capital of Canada) in the province of Ontario.

I know,mon ami, that we’re beginning to see more people carrying less cash for safety and convenience reasons and just bring out a plastic card to do a paying  transaction. That’s what a cashless society is now. With the gradually disappearing Canadian penny, it’ll be a challenge for any cash transaction here in Canada.

I personally am no avid coin collector but just for reasons of posterity, I have already kept a few shiny Canadian penny coins as souvenirs. If I can find one with the year 2012(final year of coin imprinting),so much the better too. Some other adventurous folks might string them into jewelry(earrings,pendants,bracelets,necklaces,rings,brooches,etc) but that’s another matter altogether.

From time to time, I do still see a penny lying on the sidewalk. As the saying goes, when you find one penny, make a wish and it’ll come true for you.

If I had to make a wish, I wish that the Canadian penny can still stick around. Oh,well. Live and let live.



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