Remembering Names

Recently, I bumped into a co-tenant of mine whom I haven’t seen in quite a while. She appeared very surprised that I could still remember her name. Reason was that she surrendered to the reality that people usually forget other people’s names and don’t bother to remember names at all anymore.

I told her that I’m blessed with a very good memory and as long as I still have it, I will give her the courtesy that she deserves. I always believe that the greatest compliment you can give someone is to remember their name and how that name’s pronounced. I was shocked, mon ami, when she gave me a great,big hug afterwards out of appreciation.

Sometimes, I do get called with a different name altogether by other people who want  to greet me by my name but through an honest mistake or mistaken identity, a different name comes out. If I’m really close to that person, I’ll gently with good humor, point it out. Now if I hardly encounter that person anyway, then I’ll do a judgment call depending on the situation.

It’s so sad to know that some  people are so preoccupied with so many things nowadays,  that simple name recall becomes cumbersome at times . They may not realize that they display a wrong  impression to others that they’re uncaring and not empathic of others. I wonder how they would feel if their names get forgotten by others?

I’m pretty sure that if one works for the United Nations, ,the foreign service or in the world of politics, name recall is important. It sets the right tone for diplomacy so as to wager peace and deals with one another in this ever interactive world. Even in friendship, this rule also holds.

Just remember this. There’s a saying that goes like this:” The sweetest sound to a person’s ears is the sound of his name.”

In my opinion, this saying reaffirms one’s recognition and validity of existence in this world and not out of conceit.



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