As The Song Goes…People Who Needs People

Time and time again, I have heard this familiar line….No Man is an Island,why, it’s even the title of a church song that I grew up with. It means that we do not exist alone in this world. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to be needy and clingy to someone but to complement and adjust with one another as we all go through life’s struggles and joys.

The singer Barbra Streisand sang it to the point. The song goes with this line—“People who needs people are the luckiest people in the world.” Unless you’re a loner, recluse or introvert by nature, mostly everyone is a sociable creature.

In good times, being in the midst of company is great but in bad and trying times,especially wiith dealing with people we don’t get along with as well as enemies, we may still need to go about any situation with them with  as little conflict as possible. One can learn from such folks who can offer another perspective to any life situation.

As the saying goes, Bring your friends close and your enemies closer to you

Whether in friendship or in politics,dealing with people is a neverending process. Not only that it makes you want to reach out to people to validate yourself as an individual but it also makes the other person  validated as well.

Just food for thought,mon ami!


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