Justin Trudeau, Future Prime Minister of Canada?

Last night, Justin Pierre James Trudeau, the 40 year old son of the late former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau and a reelected Member of Parliament of Papineau( a riding in Montreal,Quebec), had announced his candidacy to run for the Liberal Party leadership position which would be a stepping stone to run for the Prime Ministership of Canada. It’s a big step for a former college professor and a known social activist and environmentalist with a huge youth following as evidenced by his Twitter account(100,000+) , considered a rock star in the Liberal Party and a media  darling.

He reminded me of John F. Kennedy,Jr., the late son of the late US President John F.Kennedy. Both young men were born during their respective fathers’ terms in office. One would think that they were born as princes to their king fathers as potential political heirs. Both are telegenic and had married beautiful women who both have made a name for themselves in society. Both men have settled into their respective roles in society apart from their departed fathers’ roles in politics except for Justin Trudeau who 4 years ago ventured into and won the MP position in Papineau, a heavily-leaning Bloc Quebecois riding, even winning reelection last year.

While JFK ,Jr.’s untimely demise from a plane crash in 1999 had stopped whatever potential political life he may have, Justin Trudeau appears to be determined to shore up his political profile further with his announcement for the  Liberal Party leadership last night.

It’s true that not much has been known of his stance in certain political issues while being an MP but I think that he’ll try to  be more forthcoming and specific as to what his political platform will be in the coming days. In this way, all Canadians will get to know him much better in terms of what he can do for Canada. I’m sure that from now on until the next leadership or federal election, his every word and action in and outside  Parliament Hill will be observed,parsed and scrutinized. In this high-tech age, being high-profile is both  a given and an understatement.

Frankly, I see it as his time to shine. If not now, then when? With his famous surname and his entry into politics, it was inevitable that he will follow his father’s footsteps someday. Yet as I look at how his life had been from his early years until now, my guess is that he’ll try to carve his own political path and distinguish himself from his late father in terms of not being  his father’s political clone even if the Liberal Party also happens to be the same political party that his father ran with.

To his credit, he has been known as a very hard-working MP in his riding ,always going about his duties with a hands-on approach and getting actively involved in his riding’s activities.

Yes, he knows that he’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s son and is proud of it but he will be  his own man. That will be his message to the voters.

When he gave that very moving eulogy at his father’s funeral in 2000, I already saw shades of his future political potential which is why last night’s announcement was no surprise to me.

Good luck,Monsieur Trudeau! This will be a very interesting race.


  1. Nice summary. The comparison with John Jr. is an apt one. This Trudeau character is one charismatic cat. But I don’t know if it is enough, considering the mess the Liberals have been in recent years. I hope he can give Senor Harper a run. Enough is enough with the Conservatives.

    • I see your point. I feel that the public should look at JT with an open mind and not box him this early yet as that of his father’s clone. I believe that the son is aware of the burden and perks of being part of his dad’s legacy. Hearing his platform would be of help. I agree that the Liberal Party had its messes but let’s see what JT’s vision is in rectifying them. He’s no Messiah for sure but if he tries to help the public, that would be ok. Charisma surely isn’t enough but good intentions and sincerity are plus points. I could see these traits in this young man. Now as to Mr. Harper and even Mr. Mulhair,I can guarantee you that both of them are quaking in their boots right now. They’re going against him potentially in the next federal election. I feel that JT will win the leadership position hands down. Both these gents’ personalities sure lack charisma and if they’re not careful,they’re going to appear as 2 grumpy old men IMO. Thanks for your input. Canadian politics is sure not going to be boring this time.

      • Those are very good points. Trudeau has a good track record so far and as you mentioned, a history of hard work. And I believe that he means to do his best for his country and not for himself. I like that he has a liberal arts education. This country could stand advocacy for the arts from a Prime Minister. And I think you are right, Harper and Mulhair are terrified. Trudeau is popular, intelligent, and a celebrity. If anything, I see it as helping his cause that he is his father’s son. The Canadian public has been very kind to Pierre Trudeau in memory.

        But Trudeau is by no means a lock. I worry that he may have put his hat in the ring too soon. After all, he is only 40 years old and has been in politics for not a decade. And the Canadian left has been fractured and occupied with petty squabbles since the sponsorship scandal. Meanwhile, ever since the merger between the Canadian Alliance (Reform Party) and the Progressive Conservative Party, the right has been consolidated and united. Hopefully, if it comes down to it, the NDP and Liberal parties can at least muster a minority government.

        Thanks again for an engaging article. You are right, Canadian politics won’t be boring (for once). I hope the best for Canada and Mr. Trudeau!

      • You’re very welcome. Just one more thing. I don’t think that JT had any choice but to run now especially since Bob Rae announced that he himself isn’t running for the leadership and after the last federal election with the Liberal Party being in 3rd place,a strong desire to rebuild the party ensues and there’s NOBODY ELSE in that party right now who is perceived as strong enough against the Torys and the NDP. Being pressured by his Liberal colleagues and supporters to reconsider his decision not to run as well as being reminded about his dad’s legacy too are also contributing factors. It’s really not easy being a Trudeau, LOL.

      • Fair enough. That is true. And I suppose if he does indeed head the Liberal Party (which he should), he will have a few years to get comfortable in the position before a federal election. And a few years to turn the party around. Cheers.

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