The Landline Phone–An Endangered Specie

With the recent release of the iphone5 and in this ever expanding high-tech world of ours as well as increasing mobility of the citizenry, I can’t help but think of the somewhat diminishing relevancy of the landline phone..

Gone are the days that the only way a phone can be mobile is through a walkie-talkie. Calling a phone through a phone booth is second best but even now, phone booths are slowly becoming few and far between. To prove my point, go through any airport in the world and observe that long lines at the phone booth are quite rare now and almost every passenger you see around is either talking to a cell phone or holding such a devise at least. To get to an airport phone booth, I have to walk a good distance to be near one!

A landline phone just stays put in your domain. It only moves around when you take off the plug and move it to another part of your house,office,etc. where it gets replugged in its new location. It can’t take pictures like a cellphone camera and will only take messages through an answering machine which is slowly I think, becoming  an endangered specie too. The iphone has a big upgrade..even has a gal Friday named Siri who even acts almost as a female Albert Einstein.

Current cellphones or smartphones as they’re called now,even have computer features so you can even Google or watch an online show at the palm of your hand. Phones are now getting smaller and flatter than a pancake for easier handling and transport. They don’t look like car batteries anymore. Ah, the signs of progress! Let your fingers do the walking as they say and I don’t mean just the phonebook,mind you!

I still believe that were it not for the landline phone’s existence, improvisations of it in terms of function and appearance, the gradual emergence of the high-tech phones wouldn’t have been possible. Learning from the landline phone’s strengths and weaknesses had made it possible for inventive minds to explore new frontiers.

A landline phone for me still means that I’m constantly  connected at one place and ever reachable and that it constantly stays around like a faithful dog, ever ready to take in a call from anybody wanting to chat with me about anything under the sun. On a practical basis, in case of a power outage, you can still use a landline phone to call out unlike a cordless phone that will not work under such circumstance. Also there’s no battery or charger to worry about here. With a cellphone, you have to make sure it’s fully charged all the time in case you need to use it during  the power outage or any emergency whatsoever.

If the phone’s inventor Alexander Graham Bell was still alive, I wonder what he would have thought about his invention’s ever constant evolution? He probably would have been amazed especially with the now existing phone apps.

The world is getting smaller,mon ami and we’re all practically just a call away from one another.



  1. Isabella said:

    I like what you guys are up also. Such smart work and reporting! Carry on the excellent works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my site :).

    • Good for you! Whatever works for you is what counts.

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