I Saw Frost in October !

Just this past  Saturday morning, I woke up to see frost covered over all the roofs and windows of the parked cars in my apartment building’s parking lot.  Shortly after, I saw some of my co-tenants scrape away the frost from both the roofs and windows of their cars for at least 5 minutes to my estimate.

The color of the leaves around have now taken on rich hues of amber  and gold; some of the trees are slowly starting to be shedding their leaves as well.

The wind is brisk,cold and icy inspite of a bright ,sunny sky above. These past days and weeks in between, there has been abundant rainfall and more to come later on this week!

Luckily, the frost melted out quickly and it’s easy to walk around without putting any traction on one’s walking shoes. I heard that up north from my city of abode, snow had already appeared in some parts but had quickly disappeared during the rest of that same Saturday this past weekend.

Fall weather with a few sneak peeks into winter has already started!

Bonjour nevertheless,mon ami!


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