The Political Vote—A Product of Personal Perception

The upcoming U.S. presidential elections is being watched  all over world-wide since every nation has a vested interest in keeping up its ties with the United States,the Policeman of the World,the Big Daddy to turn to in good and bad times.

Political attack ads ,fact-checking,media overplay of each political party’s campaign,even satirical political skits from Saturday Night Live,etc. all embody  neverending political commercials which aim to mold the prospective voter’s personal perception of the political candidates which in turn will affect the voter’s decision whether to vote for that candidate or not.

Doesn’t sound scientific in a way,looks more like subliminal brainwashing yet all of us of voting age are always reminded to get acquainted with the candidate’s political platforms and decide objectively. (Huh!) and I have a bridge to sell you by the way.

Getting back to my point. We all have gone through life enriched with a lot of experiences which affect us and somehow gives us our own personal perspective of the world we all live in. My view may be different from yours. What I  want in life may be different from yours also. Same in choosing a political candidate to win an election.

Combined with our objective thinking,we also have an emotional brain to decide who’s the best man(or woman) to win the political post. Once a decision is made as to who we believe serves our own personal interests and perhaps other people’s as well , the vote is then made with a simple shading of  a circle or the pull of a lever from a machine.

The voting process is very simple but the decision making in coming out with that vote isn’t!

When you have  a chance to vote,VOTE! Enjoy that privilege. Other folks in other countries  even have to give up their lives to fight for that chance to vote.

Bear that in mind. Vote wisely and may the best man(or woman) wins!

Whatever the election outcome, we will  have to  accept it and move on to another day. The world will still continue to exist.

As they say, “The people have spoken.”


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