Paper or Plastic in Terms of Shopping Bags

Saving the environment has been getting more traction now these past 20 years or so. One aspect that I’d like to discuss for today is the choice of paper or plastic shopping bags.

Concerns for sparing the trees from further denudation thus resulting to less paper production and in some cases, paper bags ,paper being a byproduct of trees is around. Same with the so-called impracticality of plastic bags which clog our drains and wouldn’t disintegrate among the debris for centuries to come. The result would be flooding which could lead to potential environmental and structural damage.

There even has been the existence now of  biodegradable paper and plastic shopping bags which are both environmentally-friendly and  practical to use. Sewage and drainage friendly too which would lead to less or no flooding at all.

The  increasing advocacy to use reusable shopping bags like cloth/fabric bags  or even shopping cart-bags with a luggage carry-on design  is something not to be ignored as well.

Whichever, this ongoing paper/plastic issue will continue to go on for days to come.

I personally will continue to be ecologically cognizant of my surroundings  and still follow the simple use of reduce,reuse and recycle.

With the way global warming is upon us, ranging from tsunamis, heat waves,floods,hurricanes,earthquakes,etc, it’s good to put some thought in how we use and dispose of our shopping bags.



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