Halloween–October 31st–Another Reason to Party and Celebrate the Month of October

Aside from Oktoberfest(which I already discussed in my previous blog on 10/1/12),another reason to celebrate the month of October is Halloween, an annual worldwide tradition celebrated every October 31st.

Also known as Hallows’ Eve , it’s considered as the eve of Western Christian feast of All Hallows , dating back to Western European harvest festivals and festivals of the dead with pagan roots especially Celtic Samhain.

Every child looks forward to this as a fun day to dress up in  their make-believe  costumes and get to receive a lot of candy.

Typical Halloween activities involve costume parties,trick-or-treating,visiting(with a reliable adult figure) spruced up homes as haunted houses,watching horror movies,pumpkin carving producing jack o’ lanterns( pumpkins with a smiling face), building bonfires and in some places,apple bobbing.

I also see a lot of black and orange colors around  in some of the Halloween costumes,candies and decorations during this time. Black signifies the macabre,gothic and horror themes. Orange color, I guess refers to the jack o’lantern facial carvings on the pumpkins which typically are orange in color.

There’s a lot of partying going around this day but lately through the years, many business owners see the economic upswing of this and even advertise grown-ups to join in the Halloween celebration as well.

Besides, many grown-ups enjoy this day too especially for the partying and dressing-up, not necessarily for the candies. Everyone is still a child at heart, I guess.

Happy Halloween anyway,everybody!


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