Hurricane Sandy— An Unforgettable Storm For All Ages

From October 28 to 29,2012  Hurricane Sandy became an unforgettable storm for all ages. Initially, she was called Frankenstorm because it’s occurring a few days before Halloween. She’s also described as a once in a lifetime storm and others say, even The Perfect Storm… the big one. She is currently now downgraded to a subtropical cyclone but still leaving a path of death and destruction complicated by the fact that she’s a lingering storm. Right now, she’s called Superstorm Sandy and still going strong by pouring more rain and winds along Chicago and  Lake Michigan as well as  continuing to dump more snow on West Virginia and Maryland.

What makes her unique in so many ways is in a way immeasurable but I’ll try as humanly possible to describe her from my point of view.

Hurricane Sandy is a combination of the worst of both a Category 1 Hurricane and a Nor-easter. That’s a double punch! It consists of srong gale winds, heavy rainfall with flooding and a cold front with heavy snow potential.

She came at an unusual time..near the tail end of the hurricane season which meteorologists say is unusual this time of year.

She came during the tail end of the current U.S. presidential election campaign which caused both presidential candidates to revise their campaign schedules so as to get themselves and their constituents out of harm’s way. I believe that the election outcome will be affected by her . As to which way, we will know in the coming days. Talk about an October surprise!

She first went to the Caribbean,then would ascend upwards along the Atlantic Ocean and would enter an unusual path… westward towards  the Carolinas then up  further westward towards Maryland,Washington DC,West Virginia,Pennsylvania ,Ohio,Illinois and yet at the same time ,also going up northward towards the Northeast United States(New York,New Jersey,Connecticut and New England states of Massachusetts,New Hampshire and Maine. It even reached Ontario province in Canada specifically Toronto and parts of Quebec province and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It’s possible for this to happen because she covers a wide upward yet northwesternly swath in her trail. Accdg. to weather reports, it covers 800-1000 miles and would affect at least 80 million people . And to think that this upper part of the United States especially the Northeastern U.S. rarely encounters such a natural climate disturbance!

Of course, we humans have to go into survival mode, stocking up on rations, getting generators,flashlights,batteries,plywood,etc,bunkering down or going elsewhere for safer grounds. Common sense is imperative here .

All sorts of land,water and air travel were suspended during this difficult time. Offices and schools were closed. Only the news media were on deck to deliver the news and updates on this storm.City,state and federal officials ,the Red Cross and all hospitals and other related agencies were all on deck to provide any further assistance to the public.

What we can learn from this is that Mother Nature has her own timetable and we humans can be powerless at times to control her. Mother Nature deserves our respect . Same with Hurricane Sandy. They’re both creatures of nature that we shouldn’t mess with.The best that we can do is to let nature take its course and we adapt by going into survival mode and avoiding nature’s path.

Hurricane Sandy may be waning now but her trail of death and destruction and its aftermath will be felt profoundly. The massive cleanup and rehabilitation will continue for a considerably long period of time.

It may be hard to believe but I think that any natural disaster is part of how Mother Earth works to keep the ecological balance in place. Same with earthquakes,tsunamis, cyclones,blizzards,etc.

It is very important to respect and save the environment or else,consequences like global warming will continue to prevail leading to probable natural disasters to come.

Just my food for thought on this!


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