A Food Checklist For A Rainy Day,Hurricane or Other Natural Disaster

In light of the recent Hurricane Sandy situation, one of the survival modes that we need to do is to stock up on rations(food and non-food). What I’d like to discuss today is the food rations.

Bear in mind especially for a natural disaster, there’s  usually a possible  power outage therefore it’ll mean no way to cook,freeze nor prepare food with little or no water.

Because of this, you’ll need the following items based on guidelines from FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) where you can also get pointers on how to keep your perishables safe for as long as you can during a natural disaster.

A manual can-opener (Remember..no electricity! Ditch the electric one for now. If you don’t know how to operate one manually,PRACTICE !)

 Healthy Foods to Eat in a Hurricane or Other Natural Disaster:(Compact and lightweight as well as to not make you easily thirsty–you don’t want to use up those water bottles so early!)

1 gallon of water per adult,per child and per pet per day(3-day minimum)

Condiments—– salt,pepper,olive oil

Canned sardines and tuna; Corned beef, luncheon meat and ham are good too(already cooked before canning)(I wouldn’t call the latter meats as too healthy though but surely convenient)

Canned beans,fruits and vegetables preferably with high liquid content

Peanut butter and jams( Unsweetened PB since the jam is already sweet)

Pre-washed fresh vegetables and fruits

Nuts,seeds and dried fruit

Hard-boiled eggs(already prepared in advance)

Salt-free crackers,whole grain oats,granola bars,trail mix

Canned juice,milk,soup  (Use a thermos if you  need to heat some food items)


Comfort/stress foods–cookies,hard candy,sweetened cereals,lollipops,instant coffee,tea bags

Pet food (Your pet has to eat too,you know)

Just bear in mind the kind of foods that infants,elderly people and those with special dietary concerns or who have specific food allergies will need.

Modify your food ration list if you need to in the interest of yours and your family’s and pet’s safety.

The list that I’m showing you now is a general one.

One final note : Always check your food  supplies from time to time particularly their respective expiration dates. You might need to replace them and use the expiring ones for immediate consumption already.

Happy shopping!


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