Nov. 6,2012—U.S. Election Day is Finally Here!

Today is Nov. 6,2012- –  election day in the United States. Finally, after what seemed was a 2 year period of politicking —primaries,campaigning ,conventions,etc… it has finally come to this day.

Political pundits had a field day these past several months prognosticating as to what the election outcome would be and both presidential candidates not taking any chances,covering all bases and even hedging a few bets from time to time.

If you folks had read my previous blog–The Political Vote–A Product of Political Perception–October 21  ,2012–then, you’ll  all know what  I mean.

As I had said before, once the final votes are tallied and the outcome becomes more certain, we accept it as mature individuals since the Americans have spoken. It’s true that other nations in the world are also observing the U.S. election proceedings because they also have personal stakes with the U.S. but whoever wins this presidential election, these other nations will still continue their relationship with the U.S.

The Americans after reflecting on their possible presidential choices objectively as well as what’s in their emotional gut will learn to live with their choices, win or lose.

May the best man win!


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