The Post-Election Hangover (Yes! There Is One)

The Americans have already spoken and the decision had been  made in the last U.S. Election this past Nov. 6. President  Barack Obama has been reelected and his to-do list is long as usual. Aside from governing a nation, he’s now into the task of legacy building. I’m pretty sure that he has no time to dwell on his post-election hangover.

For us common folks, post-election hangovers happen in varying degrees to those who are political junkkies,always keeping tabs on the latest political happenings especially this recent U. S. election as well as those who are actively involved in the running of the recent political campaigns. Even the common man who will exercise his privilege to vote and has been subjected to a bombardment of political ads for almost the past 2 years.

Suddenly after all the final votes were counted and the speeches made, the world still exists and life goes on as usual. It seems after almost 2 years of electioneering, we suddenly notice that it’s peace and quiet all over again to our great relief.  It’s only to a certain minority of the population who have thrived to the thrill of this past election as if it’s an alcoholic drink giving them a buzz  that they will miss it tremendously like a bad alcoholic hangover with a superimposing alcoholic withdrawal.

I believe that both mental and emotional preconditioning should be made to lessen the impact of a post-election hangover. These people need to be preoccupied with other aspects of their daily lives because they need to continue living and find fulfillment as individuals .

If it’s any consolation to them, there’ll always be another presidential election. In fact, as soon as the results were in, pundits were already talking about the upcoming 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Ay! The cycle of political life continues!




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