The War Veteran As We Reflect on Veterans Day/Remembrance Day

November 11 (Veterans Day in U.S. and Remembrance Day in Canada) is a yearly observance and honoring of the sacrifices and services  of the war veterans not only of past wars but also of current ones. They’re the men and women in uniform who have answered the call of duty to protect their respective country’s sovereignty and security. Their respective families have also sacrificed to such call of duty by respecting the war veteran’s commitment to serve his country even if it would cause such a great mental and emotional deprivation of that war veteran’s presence for the greater good.

With that, it’s very important and I think even imperative that we must never forget what the war veterans have done for us. When they come home to resume their normal lives, we welcome them by making sure that they have a role in rebuilding a society and in part, a nation.

Some of them may carry either or both the physical and/or emotional scars of war and may need some degree of rehabilitation as they assimilate back to society. We must have such services available  and make sure that these veterans do receive them. This is where the government comes in to see this through.

We as citizens can show signs of support and appreciation for them in varying degrees of our individual capacities. Some stores offer veterans’ discounts when they shop, Some restaurants even offer a free meal to a war veteran on this special day. Some visit them in their homes and keep them company for even a few hours. Some may even do a few simple chores/errands for them so as to make their daily routines a bit easier. Some visit those veterans infirmed at their respective Veterans’ Hospital and others give donations to organizations involved for veterans’ causes.

Whatever way we do it, we must always show these veterans our neverending appreciation and gratitude for what they have done for our country.

Even a simple salute when you meet one on the street would suffice. This signifies the message…”Thanks for a job well done!”

And in ending my blog for today, as one commander would say to his troops…”As you were!”


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