Lessons To Learn From The Petreaus Affair

I will not go into great discussion all the mindboggling and sordid details of what had happened to Gen. David Petreaus, his former mistress and other collateral characters involved. It has already been exhaustively discussed and dissected by the press and even spoofed by the comedians. You practically have to live under a rock to  not know what’s going on with that soap-like drama.

The saying “Truth is stranger than fiction” holds true here. There are even talks of a Hollywood picture being made from this because the plot lines are just too good to be true as if it came out of the pages of a riveting spy novel. Sex,power,betrayal,cover-up are some of the main key points here.

The lessons to be learned here are the ff:

One, once you break a person’s trust in you, it’ll take a hell lot out of you to rectify and restore it. Even if restored, there’ll always be a scar and cloud around to remind both of you of that difficult situation. When that happens, charge it to experience and try to move on without looking back. Easier said than done of course but try anyway as much as you can. It can’t get any worse from this point on.

On a side note here, it shows that there’s  obvious strains on any marriage when one of the spouses is deployed overseas whether as a soldier or even an overseas contract worker. This would naturally lead to exposure to a lot of temptations which could jeopardize the marriage. Always bear in mind that any relationship needs to be worked on constantly so as to survive.

Two, think ten to a hundred times before taking big risks if it’s worth it at the expense of your peace of mind and well-being and others as well. What’s the use of a few minutes of pleasure if it’ll bring you a whole lifetime of regret?

Third,  in this high-tech age, privacy isn’t a solid guarantee especially with sending online messages/e-mails. Once online, it stays forever to the realms of cyberspace. You’ll be a prime target of overexposure and potential blackmail to say the least. You can’t totally control it. Really.

Fourth, it takes several years to build a good reputation and only a few seconds to destroy it.

Just my 2 cents’ worth on this matter.


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