The First Snow Flurries Came This December

When I woke up early Sunday morning on Dec. 2nd, the first snow  flurries of December came,covering all the cars parked in front of  my building,big driveway ,the roads and trees within my sight like heavy doses of baby powder amidst gray,cloudy skies and chilly air.

It gave me the idea that Father Winter will be coming soon. Here in Canada,mon ami, we always wish for a heavy snowfall on Christmas Eve so that on Christmas Day, it’ll be a White Christmas as the late crooner Bing Crosby said so.

Am looking forward to that. I’ll even play the Christmas song “Let it Snow! Let it Snow!” to drive that point. Please take note: I’m asking for a good snowfall,not a blizzard. Those are 2 different things.

For now this week, the weather has become fickle and unpredictable once again. Since Monday this week, all the snow flurries had disappeared and springlike weather had prevailed once again.

Oh,well. At least we already got a small taste earlier of winter.

Enjoy the day anyway!



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