Mass Shootout At The Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown,Connecticut,U.S.A.

Yesterday morning (12-14-2012), at 9: 40 am EST, a little past the start of a typical school day,multiple gunshots had been fired at the Sandy Hook  Elementary School in Newtown,Connecticut( some 12 miles east from Danbury) where kids ranging from kindergarten to Grade 4 level are stationed with a school population of 700. Newtown is a relatively small town with a population of 27,000 with 1 reported murder for the past decade except for yesterday.

Multiple conflicting reports later surfaced and upon subsequent news conferences by police revealed 1 dead gunman ,a 20y/o named Adam Lanza who also allegedly shot his own mother Nancy Lanza,a Sandy Hook volunteer kindergarten teacher at the family home in Newtown earlier after a reported dispute before arriving at the school. He reportedly wore a bulletproof vest,black military gear  and carrying a Glock,Sig Sauer handgun and a Bushmaster .223-caliber assault rifle. He began targeting his mother’s kindergarten class after which he shot himself to death. Subsequent gun registry reports unearthed by the Connecticut police stated that his mother legally owned all the weapons.Peter Lanza, Nancy Lanza’s ex-husband and father of their 2 sons had remarried and reportedly  living in Stamford,about half an hour’s drive from Newtown. He was being questioned by authorities as we speak but isn’t considered a suspect.

1 other brother Ryan,24 y/o reportedly was being questioned  in Hoboken,New Jersey but not considered as a suspect either. He claimed that Adam’s autistic and has a personality disorder and had last saw him in 2010.


So far, 26 were murdered: 20 were children(ages 5 y/o at least)wherein 18 died on-site and 2 other kids died at the hospital and 6 were adults(including the suspect’s mother, the suspect himself, principal and school psychologist).

This is still an ongoing story and for sure, a clearer view on all these events will eventually surface but it’s very clear that the suspect was very mentally disturbed to the point of doing something so evil that even very young,innocent kids become victims in a supposedly safe setting as a school which was considered as a second home, entrusted to by their parents, in hopes of getting a good education. That they’re scapegoats of his reported dispute with his mother is so pathetic and senseless.

13 years after the mass shooting in  Columbine High School in Littleton,Colorado, this event in Connecticut, I believe is the 2nd worst school shooting in the U.S.,the worst being the one at Virginia Tech which happened on April 16,2007 wherein 33 people,including the gunman had died.

It’s so heartbreaking to even imagine how those deceased”s families especially the parents of the affected kids are going through right now, knowing that their deceased loved ones will no longer be home for this coming Christmas. As for those who survived the shooting, it’ll be a long and continuous emotional recovery and healing.

I had done a blog just this past 12-12-12 regarding the Oregon shopping mall mass shootout and a need for a wakeup call for gun reform.

Does it now take the murder of innocent schoolkids to finally push politicians to work on it instead of dwelling on petty politics? Decisive mental health service implementation in my opinion is a must also.

Take into consideration why I say this is because we have a woman who owned 3 high-powered guns and living in a very safe town and I really want to know why? Add to the risk is having a mentally disturbed son with physical access to those guns which unfortunately was carried out by him and I also want to know what his motives were and why?

My thoughts and prayers to the families of the deceased. No words will ever bring back the deceased  but they should  know that we feel their pain.


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