Christmas Memories— It’s What We Make Of It

One looks forward to Christmas every year because of past  Christmas memories. Of course, it’s what we do during this festive occasion that a Yuletide memory makes. Whether it’s the food or cheery music or even the company of family and friends, it’s our stamp on Christmas which makes it our very own.

Childhood Christmas memories especially are very joyful and we hope that future generations of children will enjoy them as much as we did which is why Christmas traditions are passed on through the years.

Christmas traditions include  Christmas customs,music,movies,TV programs and for the kids, the must-have Christmas Toy for that particular year. Christmas traditions, I think  is whatever activity or endeavor that one feels would make the Christmas season fulfilling and complete for himself, thus reinforcing the full spirit of Christmas.

Even if for some of us, our childhood years have already passed by,the spirit of Christmas still prevails, putting our perspective on focus… the friendship,kinship and goodwill to our family,friends and fellow men and being thankful for what life’s blessings we may have received as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

In observing all of this, Christmas memories are formed, passed on and will continue to exist for years to come. The Yuletide cycle goes on!


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