New Year’s Eve Traditions To Greet The New Year 2013

The year 2012 is coming to a close and as we reflect back on what has happened , all I can say is that it was a very interesting year indeed. We learned from it and then we all move on to the next year with hopes for a new beginning.

We try to get rid of all  the bad luck of this year by bringing out the firecrackers and other gadgets producing loud noises thus scaring away the bad luck and demons ,making way for the good vibes that we all will need in the new year of 2013.

In  the Chinese culture for example, round fruits like oranges are served. The round fruit shape is similar to a coin. Eating such fruits as well as wearing polka dotted clothes( take note: round shape design again) and having some coins in one’s pocket is the Chinese way of anticipating wealth in the coming new year or at least, not become penniless.

In some other cultures, one would clean their homes to get rid of the dirt and face the new year with a clean home. Others may pay off all their debts before the new year arrives. Both instances ensure that bad luck’s not brought along the new year. Others would greet the new year will a full stomach after a great feast to ensure that hunger will not greet them in the new year Others would make efforts to settle whatever differences they may have with each other so as not to bring this discord into the new year.

.In the Philippines,aside from firecrackers ,wearing polka-dotted clothes and eating round fruit , those with young kids are told to get their kids to  jump as high as they can at the stroke of midnight when the new year just arrived. Reason for this was to ensure that they’ll grow taller in the new year.

Like the big ball drop on Times Square in NYC, we will count down to the last second of 2012 and to the tune of Auld Lang Syne, greeting  2013 with a bang.

In our hearts, we’re glad to make it to this year’s end and thankful for  experiencing 2012’s life’s journey. Therefore, let’s celebrate this occasion in whatever way we think is memorable for us.

Let the party begin! Roll out the champagne!

Salut! Cheers!


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