New Year’s Resolutions,To Keep or Not to Keep

Some people say that we shouldn’t keep promises that we can’t keep. The same goes with making New Year’s resolutions everytime a new year rolls by.

Perhaps these people said that because they don’t want anyone to feel frustrated and disappointed in case one can’t live up to fulfilling that particular resolution.

I still think that  we can make New Year’s resolutions as guidelines to everyday living. You know, as a means to keep us focused on what’s important in life that we need to pay attention to… something like a goal. To live this life of ours, we need something to look forward to and one of them is a goal or goals as the case may be.

We keep saying that we need to have some goals in life, so what’s the difference with regards to making New Year’s resolutions aside from the fact that it’s thought of and acted out at the start of a new year? No difference really. Probably just the labeling. It seems that the words “New Year’s Resolution”  unfairly connotes failure to fulfill  in some way.

Whatever, don’t be too hard on yourself when you do make a New Year’s resolution. Be realistic of  how much you can achieve and how much time you can give to fulfill it. In this way, you will feel satisfied in accomplishing it without any unrealistic expectations imposed on ourselves at the get-go.




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