Any Deadline for Saying “Happy New Year?”

Is there any specific deadline as to when you can greet anyone “Happy New Year!” after Jan. 1st? I am bringing this up because of prior personal experience that I had encountered last year.

Last year(2012), I bumped into someone I haven’t seen in a while and was greeted Happy New Year but it was done on Jan. 31st! I just replied the same politely but coudn’t help but wonder about it. Eventually, I forgot about it until this January!

This finally made me inquire around and got various responses regarding as to what’s the appropriate time limit to give out new year’s greetings. Some say, up to 3 days after Jan. 1st to strangers and acquaintances. Others, 2 weeks after Jan. 1st and 1 said that even up to Jan. 31st , both instances especially if one is greeting someone familiar to them that they haven’t seen for a while.

Very appropo as they say. They all said to me that what’s  most important was the intention of the greeter to wish me well and with good tidings for the new year.

Very good food for thought indeed!


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