The Canadian Arctic Blast Experience

As you know,mon ami, I live in Atlantic Canada(the Maritime provinces as we call it) and winter is no stranger to me. Yet, even though how long I have lived here, getting used to the winter cold can be a challenge sometimes.As they say, just grin and bear it but it can really get dicey with the recent Arctic blast that I had encountered last week.

Here in Canada, we report the weather in Centigrade but for the benefit of my readers who follow the weather more in Fahrenheit, I’ll do so.

Last week, I had a temp of 4 deg Fahrenheit and a wind chill of -28 deg Fahrenheit which I consider as an Arctic blast. Frankly, I find it too early into this winter season to experience it. Perhaps, sometime in late January or most of  February would be considered as the average  period of time.

Anyway, it’s like living inside a freezer. Add the strong gushing winds and you’ll have a magnified chilly sensation to boot!

Everything around was hard snow and ice. If you really need to get around, I’d advise you to wear a traction device on your footwear or else, you’ll end up falling and sustaining some fractures. I  kid you not.

Dress warmly as well. Fully insulated outerwear , inner clothing and underwear are a must.

Perhaps the severity of this year’s winter is a hint of possible global warming, I’m not sure.

Last winter was mild for me yet last year’s summer was a real scorcher as compared to previous summers. Global warming hints,too? Not sure either.

Nevertheless, I”l just continue to grin and bear this winter season until spring comes along which is about 3 months away. Right now, the temp is within 0-10 deg Fahrenheit with no wind chill nor gusty winds. Much better!



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