Obama’s U.S. Presidential Inauguration–The Second Time Around

Per U.S. Consitutional guidelines, every U.S. presidential inauguration is held for 2 days specifically within  the 19th and 21st of January every 4 years. The first day holds a private inauguration and a public one on the second day.
This year is no exception and US President Barack Hussein Obama will have his second U.S. presidential inauguration as scheduled.

With a new political mandate given to him by his recent re-election victory, he has a lot of plans for his country which in a way depending on future developments will shape his legacy once he leaves office.

I expect him to be more assertive this time since he wouldn’t be thinking anymore of further re-election plans.

FYI: Per U.S. Constitutional guidelines, every president depending on re-election outcome can only be in office for two 4-year terms.(8 years total)

His first election victory was historic enough in so many respects. His first term in office was quite eventful .

His second term will be surely eventful too but definitely challenging especially with a recalcitrant Congress to deal with in trying to get his policies across for approval and passage into laws.

Whatever, today’s inauguration should be the start of a new day for a new , hopeful future ahead!

It’s a testament that the democratic process is running along as scheduled.


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