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On 9/19/12, I wrote a blog about my views on this just concluded NHL lockout which spanned  a total 113 days,basically after the last Stanley Cup win in June 2012.

I’m quite glad that the lockout is now over but I’m quite sad and disgusted that all the collateral businesses tied to the NHL(National Hockey League) had been impacted economically from all this impasse. We’re talking hockey memorabilia stores,restaurants,hotels, sports bars,even the employees of all the arenas where all these hockey games are held. Spin-off economies are important for these places especially during the winter months when things slow down a bit after the Yuletide season.

As to how the coming days will go, it will depend on how the disinfranchised fans will feel if they’re still up to watching the NHL games again.

I strongly believe that the die-hard fans will go back to watching the games. Here in Canada, hockey is considered as a national sport and the Canucks will definitely watch again. As to the American hockey fans, I’m pretty sure that a certain percentage will support the league again but it still remains to be seen as to the actual percentage that will come out since in the U.S., there are a lot of alternative sports events to watch and hockey isn’t their national sport.

Whichever, better late than never and as the old adage goes,”Let the games begin!”

Now let us drop the puck!


Is there any specific deadline as to when you can greet anyone “Happy New Year!” after Jan. 1st? I am bringing this up because of prior personal experience that I had encountered last year.

Last year(2012), I bumped into someone I haven’t seen in a while and was greeted Happy New Year but it was done on Jan. 31st! I just replied the same politely but coudn’t help but wonder about it. Eventually, I forgot about it until this January!

This finally made me inquire around and got various responses regarding as to what’s the appropriate time limit to give out new year’s greetings. Some say, up to 3 days after Jan. 1st to strangers and acquaintances. Others, 2 weeks after Jan. 1st and 1 said that even up to Jan. 31st , both instances especially if one is greeting someone familiar to them that they haven’t seen for a while.

Very appropo as they say. They all said to me that what’s  most important was the intention of the greeter to wish me well and with good tidings for the new year.

Very good food for thought indeed!


I had always believed that the Yuletide season officially ends on the Feast of the Three Kings,specifically on January 6 however in recent years, it has now been observed on the first Sunday of the new year.

This had been brought to light even more when I recently happened to bump into 3 of my neighbors debating heatedly as to when the Yuletide season officially ends. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I was forced by them to act as a referee.

Case in point was the matter of bringing down the Christmas door decorations. One had brought the decorations down right on Jan. 2nd while another plans to do it today, the 1st Sunday of this new year and even the 3rd neighbor plans to do it on Jan. 6th. My neighbors practically were lecturing one another as to when exactly the Christmas door decor should go. Hmmm…I think there’s a fine  line being crossed here. This reminds me of my 10/27/12 blog about being a good neighbor as well as reviewing the new ABC comedy….The Neighbors.

As far as I’m concerned, mon ami, this matter is to each his own beliefs. Religious freedom..need I say more? As long as no one gets hurt by an extended view of a Christmas decor in another person’s abode, just let it be. It’s really trivial. Get a life,folks!

Of course, I didn’t tell all 3 of them in their faces  that their argument was trivial nor to get a life . Worse, they’ll become defensive and not receptive to whatever I tell them in terms of advice. I was able though to tell all of them that they were right in exercising their respective  Yuletide practices /beliefs but that there’s a need to respect one another’s point of view as well.

Frankly, we could all use a bit more of Yuletide cheer in this cold,drab winter anyway so a little sprig or tinsel can’t hurt.



Some people say that we shouldn’t keep promises that we can’t keep. The same goes with making New Year’s resolutions everytime a new year rolls by.

Perhaps these people said that because they don’t want anyone to feel frustrated and disappointed in case one can’t live up to fulfilling that particular resolution.

I still think that  we can make New Year’s resolutions as guidelines to everyday living. You know, as a means to keep us focused on what’s important in life that we need to pay attention to… something like a goal. To live this life of ours, we need something to look forward to and one of them is a goal or goals as the case may be.

We keep saying that we need to have some goals in life, so what’s the difference with regards to making New Year’s resolutions aside from the fact that it’s thought of and acted out at the start of a new year? No difference really. Probably just the labeling. It seems that the words “New Year’s Resolution”  unfairly connotes failure to fulfill  in some way.

Whatever, don’t be too hard on yourself when you do make a New Year’s resolution. Be realistic of  how much you can achieve and how much time you can give to fulfill it. In this way, you will feel satisfied in accomplishing it without any unrealistic expectations imposed on ourselves at the get-go.



The year 2012 was a challenging one which is why everyone had looked forward to the next year 2013 with hopes that it will be a promising one, a new year, a new beginning.

Even though one would say that fate can also play a hand on current events which would lead to future events, mainly, life is what we make of it most of the time.

Therefore, a new year is like a clean slate. We write our own path and it’ll become our present and when that year comes eventually to an end, we look back at it as our own past and learn from it as we look forward to write out our future, using the past as our guide. We practically are living at the moment, that is the present time.

Overall, one cannot exactly predict what our future might be. We can only guess and strive to achieve our goals. Anything else in between whether good or bad becomes our learning experiences and part of the chapters of our individual books of our lives. It becomes part of us and makes us in a way, the person that we and others see.

Perhaps that’s why life is really interesting and full of surprises.

Quoting Forrest Gump, “My Mama says that life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you have until you open it.”

Happy New Year,my friends! Bonne Annee, mon ami!