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One of my neighbors was very distraught on hearing that her dear friend, a widow had apparently died in her home and was only discovered by a neighbor later on that day. At this time, it was reported that her friend’s body is being examined by the coroner to find out her cause of death.

My neighbor didn’t expect this to happen to her friend since she claimed that her friend was usually  in great health except for a recent hospitalization for bronchitis. She regretted that she wasn’t able to keep in touch with her friend often , considering that the lady in question lives in the  Western part of Canada and that both of them were so busy in their respective  daily  life routine.

I told her that she shouldn’t blame herself since no one could have predicted her friend’s sudden death,not even her own children who live away from her. What’s important is that her friend had lived a full life and had made the most of every moment to make life worth living. God probably took her already since her work on this earth had already finished. What she can do now is to pray for her friend’s soul and do something in her friend’s memory.

Frankly, all of us should make the most of every moment because we don’t know how long we’ll stay in this earth. We should do so with determination,zest and courage so that when we look back at the pages of our life’s book, we’ll view them without regret and be proud that we did it our way.


On my 9-13-12 blog , I mentioned about the last Canadian penny being minted on May 2012. Well, now the act of rounding up change when Canadian pennies are hardly in circulation has already started since Feb. 4,2013 .At this same time too, the Government of Canada has stopped distributing pennies.

Cashless or electronic transactions(credit cards,debit cards,etc) will not be affected. All the stores here in town have already posted how the rounding would be as based on federal guidelines:

Here’s an example of a simple dollar transaction with some cents involved in the rounding process:

ROUNDING DOWN:  $1.01 or $1.02    $1.00         ROUNDING UP: $1.03 OR $1.04    $1.05

$1.06 or $1.07    $1.05                                     $1.08 OR $1.09   $1.10

As for transactions ending in either 0 or 5, no rounding out made.

It’s a way of getting used to it, I guess but personally, I will miss the penny.

A penny for my thoughts indeed!


In the American movie industry, the Academy Awards is the ultimate achievement for anyone involved in the industry which could spell more opportunities and success as well as a validation of their remarkable achievement whether in filmmaking or acting. It also serves as an incentive to continue producing high-quality films for the moviegoers’ entertainment since every moviegoer deserves it for whatever hard-earned money they give to the box office. It’s like a revolving economy in itself!

It”s the ultimate and formal graduation ceremony for folks particularly in Hollywood. Also known as the Oscar Awards due to the semblance of the award figurine maker’s Uncle Oscar, it is represented by a gold-plated male figurine with a bald-headed stoic face as well as a taut and muscular naked body.

Whatever happens in Oscar night will be memorable for everybody in more ways than one.

Getting such a prestigious nomination is a big honor indeed and winning one of course will be like a cherry on a big cake!

May the best man/woman win!


Is there such a thing such as the mundane chore of shoveling snow? I believe that there’s such a thing as common sense in how to shovel snow. There are techniques on  how to shovel snow as well as how to protect your body from overexerting itself during shoveling.

I have had my share of learning how to approach this chore with careful precision in terms of what kind of winter outerwear that I’m bundled in to the type of shovel that I use as well as to how I position both my body and shovel lest I sustain backaches,etc.

Lately, for the past 2-3 weeks, I have been having a good share of blizzards and snow accumulations reaching up to 2 ft everytime so there has been a good deal of shoveling on my part.

Everybody has their own technique and approach and I always believe that whatever works for you,then do it.

Now if all else fails and if your budget permits, get a snowblower ,LOL.


On Feb. 11, 2013, the entire world and especially the Roman Catholic population were shocked to hear Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement that he’ll be resigning from the papacy on Feb. 28 due to advancing age which made him reflect that he wouldn’t be able to carry on the duties and responsibilities of his job.

This is a whole new thing for us since the last papal resignations were in 1294 by Pope Celestine V and Pope Gregory XII in 1415. Having a living soon-to-be ex-pope will be a new moment in this modern world. Too bad that we couldn’t consult with the folks back in 1294 and 1415 as to how they dealt with it. Would it be similar to ex-presidents for example who after leaving office, just  quietly lead a private citizen’s life?

One thing’s for sure. The outgoing pope has set the stage for future popes, the option to resign if when the time comes that they can no longer fulfill ther duties as pope and let another one more able to continue the work of the papacy.

The coming weeks will be very interesting in terms of the conclave and the inauguration of a new pope. For sure, this coming Easter mass at the Vatican will be officiated by a new one!

Digressing a bit from this topic, I hope our politicians and officials who can no longer do their duties for their citizens can have the decency to resign instead of clinging to their government positions for various reasons(pride,greed,personal interests,etc). They really should do” a Benedict” in my opinion.

Just my thought on this matter!


Presidents’ Day is usually observed in the United States every 3rd Monday of February. This year 2013, it coincides with Washington’s birthday(Feb. 18)which is tomorrow.

FYI: George Washington was the 1st U.S. president.

Usually, the Presidents’ Day weekend is another opportunity for Americans to take a break . Now if you really think about it, Presidents’ Day is a day to acknowledge all past and present American presidents for what they had done for their home country–the United States of America.

Whether you agree with their political ideology or not, their being elected into office and carrying out the duties of such a prestigious yet demanding government position is testament that the American democratic system is running smoothly as well as American patriotism at its best.

Each American president will leave its stamp in political history which is what we call legacy.

We owe them our utmost respect for the position that they hold and wish them all well in their political endeavors for the good of the country. The presidency is not an easy job and it will require a lot of fortitude, guts,assertiveness and intelligence from anyone in that position to make sure that the presidency is worthy for what it is, thanks to their  respective constituents who voted them into it, believing that he/she is the right person for that job.


A flag represents a country,its citizens and all its ideals. It can be seen by how the flag design is displayed. Every color and picture that we see on any flag has meanings and symbols which represent what’s important for that particular country.

Which is why whenever a flag has worn out its use,  it’s folded with reverence and put away respectively in what ever way that country seemed fit.

Flag-burning and physical ,deliberate destruction of any flag signifies gross disrespect not only for the flag but also for its country and its people.

Let us observe Flag Day(Feb. 15) with great pride as our respective flags soar proudly in the air!

Happy Flag Day!


Valentine’s Day(Feb. 14) is usually considered as the “Christmas of the Hearts”. It’s big business for florists,chocolatiers.greeting card makers,restaurant owners,pubs,hoteliers, jewelers,perfume manufacturers, lingerie business,etc. It’s the whole commercial packaging of that universal feeling called love, specifically romantic love.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for Cupid aiming his arrow at his intended target to get the romance going.

It’s just that one should also not miss out on the importance of expressing romantic love in one’s own and unique way to his/her beloved so that it becomes memorable for both parties. One doesn’t have to follow the commercial bandwagon just to fit in unless one really wants to do it that way. There’s no crime there,OK?(lest I be called a party-pooper or killjoy)

Valentine’s Day is also a day to celebrate love for family and friends and even as a day to celebrate for singles happy at their period of life for being their own person.

The point is to celebrate this day knowing that you’re not only making someone else happy for being loved but also loving your self as an individual.

One has to love oneself first as a person( but not teetering to the point of narcissism,OK?) before embarking on showing and giving love to another person. One has to know what he/she is as a person and what one can offer to another in any kind of relationship. Of course, one may have certain expectations from others but that’s a part of knowing oneself first. In this way, the other party gets to know what you want and there are no surprises as a result. It lessens future conflicts and misunderstandings.

Such feelings of love and goodwill shouldn’t just be on Valentine’s Day but also everyday of the year!

Always remember that what counts is that whatever you offer  anyone a Valentine greeting/gift that it comes sincerely from the heart and that you care.

Happy Valentine’s Day,everyone!


Easter will be upon us near the end of March this year. Before Easter, there is Lent.

Our awareness of Lent usually starts on Fat Tuesday and this year it’s on Feb. 12. Right the next day will be Ash Wednesday, the day when Catholics go to church to have ashes placed on their foreheads in awareness of our mortality.

This day is when we clear our cupboards of the remaining flour and other fatty goods by feasting on them before we start abstaining and fasting at times for the upcoming Lenten season.

In the western world, it’s usually a big serving of pancakes.

In New Orleans,Louisiana,USA, it’s in the form of a big party called Mardi Gras. (2 French words literally meaning Tuesday Fat–pronounced as mardi gra).

Whichever way you look at it, it’s feasting and partying before Lent, so enjoy until Easter comes around.


Based on this year’s lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year is on Feb. 10. It’s the day of the new moon which is why it’s also known as the Chinese Lunar Year.

Around this time in China, it’s springtime therefore it’s also a celebration of spring and called the Spring Festival Year.

For 2013, this is the year of the Water Snake.

Accdg. to Chinese astrologists, 2013 will be  a year of uncertainties and constant changes, similar to a snake constantly molting its skin.

Nevertheless, precautions are taken to help insure that good luck still comes in to greet everybody.

For ex, the arrangement of furniture in strategic positions which would guarantee good luck.(feng shui).  Energy of good luck has to flow freely and any piece of furniture that obstructs its path will bring bad luck.

Another ex. is eating fish served whole and cooked noodles, both not cut up for good luck.

Eating round pieces of food like fruits and dumplings for ex since the round shape symbolizes the shape of a coin.  These help bring in good luck for great wealth to come to us for the new year. Same when you eat rice at the end of a great Chinese feast which is called a lauriat. Rice symbolizes wealth too.

The color gold is good luck too and it symbolizes wealth which is why eating deep fried foods would be auspicious too.

The color red symbolizes optimism and good luck for the new year. Getting a red envelope with money in even number denominations(2,4,6,etc) and not in odd numbers emphasizes this.

Having firecrackers to chase out the bad luck from the previous year and exhibiting dragon dances to celebrate the new year can’t hurt either.

Kung hei fat choy! ( Chinese translation for Happy New Year!)