Super Bowl Time—An American Football Fan’s Experience

The annual Super Bowl in US football will be held today, Feb. 3. It usually involves the 2 best football teams after going through a series of elimination games and would meet for a sudden death game to get the Vince Lombardi trophy.

FYI:  Vince Lombardi is a well-known American football Hall of Famer coach from Green Bay,Wisconsin. He led his team The Green Bay Packers to numerous wins including the 1st 2 Super Bowl titles. Because of his illustrious football achievements, the annual Super Bowl trophy was named in his honor.

Aside from watching a good football game, it also involves a halftime period wherein prime entertainment consisting of big-time singers for the viewers’ pleasure to behold.

In addition, there’ll be new high-priced ,entertaining and unique commercials for TV viewers to look into. Many say that they watch the Super Bowl just for these commercials. However last year, they started presenting these commercials on Youtube videos way before the actual Super Bowl game. Talk about product memory retention!It can even lead to a cult following and hopefully, a distinctive honor as one of those unforgettable Super Bowl commercials of all time. It’s unfortunate that Canadian TV viewers can’t watch those commercials due to live wire feed restrictions from Canadian cable companies. They usually have to resort to Youtube to watch those commercial ad replays.

Other die-hard football fans do a lot of tailgating outside the football stadium,setting up barbecues,potluck and all kinds of good grub to eat. Same also for those hosting Super Bowl parties whether at home or even at hotels, bars,pubs and restaurants. The kind of food served is usually easy to prepare and easy to pick up with as less utensils as possible. Whether it’s ribs,chicken wings, pizza,subs,chips,etc., it’s definitely not the time to diet. Usually it’s the male fans who partake of such grub but lately, a lot of women also follow football too and partake of such a feast. Unless one is a certified vegetarian, it’s usually a lot of meat served during this time.

Super Bowl time is actually a celebration of love for the sport called football , enjoying the camaraderie of friends and savoring great food.

Here in Canada, we also have a similar football event called Grey Cup which usually occurs during the fall season.

Well, folks, it’s time to prepare for kick-off!


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