Fashion and Comfort

The saying “Clothes make the man” is true. Our personal views and choices in fashion would be reflected in the clothes and accessories that we carry around with us. It gives the viewer an idea as to who we are even though it’s just on a superficial level.

With the winter season upon us, there are various winter clothing options to choose from but I always believe that we have to feel very comfortable in our winter clothing choices so as to feel good about ourselves and at the same time , protecting ourselves from the freezing cold.

The delicate balance between fashion and comfort holds true in every season but whatever is our fashion choices,we should also bear in mind that common sense has to come into the picture as well. Common sense meaning that our clothing choices will serve a functional purpose whether it is to cool us from the heat,warm us up against the cold or for modesty purposes, not to expose our delicate body parts in public.

But always remember that our clothes don’t carry us. It’s we who carry our clothes which would determine the outside physical impression for others to see.

Just my 2 cents on this matter.


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