Valentine’s Day(Feb. 14)–Celebrate It Your Own Way

Valentine’s Day(Feb. 14) is usually considered as the “Christmas of the Hearts”. It’s big business for florists,chocolatiers.greeting card makers,restaurant owners,pubs,hoteliers, jewelers,perfume manufacturers, lingerie business,etc. It’s the whole commercial packaging of that universal feeling called love, specifically romantic love.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for Cupid aiming his arrow at his intended target to get the romance going.

It’s just that one should also not miss out on the importance of expressing romantic love in one’s own and unique way to his/her beloved so that it becomes memorable for both parties. One doesn’t have to follow the commercial bandwagon just to fit in unless one really wants to do it that way. There’s no crime there,OK?(lest I be called a party-pooper or killjoy)

Valentine’s Day is also a day to celebrate love for family and friends and even as a day to celebrate for singles happy at their period of life for being their own person.

The point is to celebrate this day knowing that you’re not only making someone else happy for being loved but also loving your self as an individual.

One has to love oneself first as a person( but not teetering to the point of narcissism,OK?) before embarking on showing and giving love to another person. One has to know what he/she is as a person and what one can offer to another in any kind of relationship. Of course, one may have certain expectations from others but that’s a part of knowing oneself first. In this way, the other party gets to know what you want and there are no surprises as a result. It lessens future conflicts and misunderstandings.

Such feelings of love and goodwill shouldn’t just be on Valentine’s Day but also everyday of the year!

Always remember that what counts is that whatever you offer  anyone a Valentine greeting/gift that it comes sincerely from the heart and that you care.

Happy Valentine’s Day,everyone!



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