The Academy Awards(aka Oscar Awards)

In the American movie industry, the Academy Awards is the ultimate achievement for anyone involved in the industry which could spell more opportunities and success as well as a validation of their remarkable achievement whether in filmmaking or acting. It also serves as an incentive to continue producing high-quality films for the moviegoers’ entertainment since every moviegoer deserves it for whatever hard-earned money they give to the box office. It’s like a revolving economy in itself!

It”s the ultimate and formal graduation ceremony for folks particularly in Hollywood. Also known as the Oscar Awards due to the semblance of the award figurine maker’s Uncle Oscar, it is represented by a gold-plated male figurine with a bald-headed stoic face as well as a taut and muscular naked body.

Whatever happens in Oscar night will be memorable for everybody in more ways than one.

Getting such a prestigious nomination is a big honor indeed and winning one of course will be like a cherry on a big cake!

May the best man/woman win!



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