When The Unexpected Happens To Someone You Know

One of my neighbors was very distraught on hearing that her dear friend, a widow had apparently died in her home and was only discovered by a neighbor later on that day. At this time, it was reported that her friend’s body is being examined by the coroner to find out her cause of death.

My neighbor didn’t expect this to happen to her friend since she claimed that her friend was usually  in great health except for a recent hospitalization for bronchitis. She regretted that she wasn’t able to keep in touch with her friend often , considering that the lady in question lives in the  Western part of Canada and that both of them were so busy in their respective  daily  life routine.

I told her that she shouldn’t blame herself since no one could have predicted her friend’s sudden death,not even her own children who live away from her. What’s important is that her friend had lived a full life and had made the most of every moment to make life worth living. God probably took her already since her work on this earth had already finished. What she can do now is to pray for her friend’s soul and do something in her friend’s memory.

Frankly, all of us should make the most of every moment because we don’t know how long we’ll stay in this earth. We should do so with determination,zest and courage so that when we look back at the pages of our life’s book, we’ll view them without regret and be proud that we did it our way.


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