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In my 11-4-12 blog, I talked extensively about preparing a food checklist in case of any natural disaster coming towards us. Well, folks, it looks like a Nor’Easter has finally arrived in my neck of the woods and 2 ft of snow is expected after it leaves this Sunday.

A Nor’Easter is basically 2 winter storms meeting each other at a certain point. 1 storm arrives in an eastward direction and the other from the northern point and going down south.

Since I live in Atlantic Canada, my region is already included with the New England portion of the United States(i.e., Massachusetts,Maine,New Hampshire,Vermont,Rhode Island,Connecticut). and the U.S. eastern seaboard(New York,New Jersey and parts of  eastern Pennsylvania).

As of now, I heard that Boston,Massachusetts will get the brunt of this storm and expected to get about 3 ft of snow. It’spractically now getting 3 inches of snow per hour.

I couldn’t help but think of the Superstorm Sandy victims along the New York and New Jersey areas,trying to pick up the pieces from Sandy and now dealing with this nasty blizzard. I hope they’ll pull through this as well.

Going back to the food checklist, just read my 11-4-12 blog for reference purposes. Get ready your emergency kit of flashlight,lamps,first-aid kit,generators,etc. in case of power outages caused by the snowstorm.

Wear adequate winter clothing to keep you warm.

Listen to the meteorologist’s latest weather updates about this Nor’Easter.

Listen too when your local authorities tell you to stay indoors and not venture out into the storm.This is not the time to be brave and get killed in the process.

This is going to be the 1st blizzard of 2013 and reportedly a historic one as well.

It pays to be prepared for anything!


The saying “Clothes make the man” is true. Our personal views and choices in fashion would be reflected in the clothes and accessories that we carry around with us. It gives the viewer an idea as to who we are even though it’s just on a superficial level.

With the winter season upon us, there are various winter clothing options to choose from but I always believe that we have to feel very comfortable in our winter clothing choices so as to feel good about ourselves and at the same time , protecting ourselves from the freezing cold.

The delicate balance between fashion and comfort holds true in every season but whatever is our fashion choices,we should also bear in mind that common sense has to come into the picture as well. Common sense meaning that our clothing choices will serve a functional purpose whether it is to cool us from the heat,warm us up against the cold or for modesty purposes, not to expose our delicate body parts in public.

But always remember that our clothes don’t carry us. It’s we who carry our clothes which would determine the outside physical impression for others to see.

Just my 2 cents on this matter.


It was recently brought to my attention of the demise of someone I knew which occurred right on New Year’s Day 2013. Her close friend was very depressed when telling me of the sad news. She said that the lady who recently died had become very frail in the past few months and had been also struggling in dealing with her regular dialysis treatments.

As a result, her friend had decided that it’s no longer helpful for her since her full recovery wouldn’t be realistically attainable and had decided to stop all her dialysis treatments and opted instead to make herself comfortable and to wait out her end as painlessly as possible.

She was known to be a very religious person and was active in most events in her local Baptist church. She had already prepared herself to meet her Maker by having her pastor come see her before her death.

What she did was brave in making health-related and medical decisions. It may sound scary to do it but accdg. to her good friend, the lady in question wasn’t afraid and in fact was quite happy and at peace in such decison-making.

It’s amazing to see how much strength and resiliency we have in our human character when it does come out during challenging moments in our lives. This lady was one such example indeed.

May God bless her soul!


The annual Super Bowl in US football will be held today, Feb. 3. It usually involves the 2 best football teams after going through a series of elimination games and would meet for a sudden death game to get the Vince Lombardi trophy.

FYI:  Vince Lombardi is a well-known American football Hall of Famer coach from Green Bay,Wisconsin. He led his team The Green Bay Packers to numerous wins including the 1st 2 Super Bowl titles. Because of his illustrious football achievements, the annual Super Bowl trophy was named in his honor.

Aside from watching a good football game, it also involves a halftime period wherein prime entertainment consisting of big-time singers for the viewers’ pleasure to behold.

In addition, there’ll be new high-priced ,entertaining and unique commercials for TV viewers to look into. Many say that they watch the Super Bowl just for these commercials. However last year, they started presenting these commercials on Youtube videos way before the actual Super Bowl game. Talk about product memory retention!It can even lead to a cult following and hopefully, a distinctive honor as one of those unforgettable Super Bowl commercials of all time. It’s unfortunate that Canadian TV viewers can’t watch those commercials due to live wire feed restrictions from Canadian cable companies. They usually have to resort to Youtube to watch those commercial ad replays.

Other die-hard football fans do a lot of tailgating outside the football stadium,setting up barbecues,potluck and all kinds of good grub to eat. Same also for those hosting Super Bowl parties whether at home or even at hotels, bars,pubs and restaurants. The kind of food served is usually easy to prepare and easy to pick up with as less utensils as possible. Whether it’s ribs,chicken wings, pizza,subs,chips,etc., it’s definitely not the time to diet. Usually it’s the male fans who partake of such grub but lately, a lot of women also follow football too and partake of such a feast. Unless one is a certified vegetarian, it’s usually a lot of meat served during this time.

Super Bowl time is actually a celebration of love for the sport called football , enjoying the camaraderie of friends and savoring great food.

Here in Canada, we also have a similar football event called Grey Cup which usually occurs during the fall season.

Well, folks, it’s time to prepare for kick-off!


Tomorrow will be February 2nd known worldwide as Groundhog Day. It has Pennsylvania German origins and known as Candlemas Day, Grundsaudaag; Murmeltiertag.

The concept of celebrating this day accdg. to folklore,is that  the groundhog serves as the unofficial weatherman/meteorologist for that day helping people see as to how many more weeks of winter will they have to deal with.

If there’s cloudy weather,the groundhog emerges from its burrow and if the weather is moderate, he continues to stay outside. This will mean that spring will come early.

If there’s sunny weather , the groundhog will see its shadow and retreat back into its burrow. This will mean that winter will continue for 6 more weeks.

Nowadays, early morning festivities occur every Feb. 2nd for those towns which  do observe Groundhog Day.

The largest celebration is held in Punxsutawney,Pennsylvania,USA with their groundhog called Punxsutawney Phil. The town got widely recognized and popular from the 1993 film”Groundhog Day” wherein actor Bill Murray played Phil Connors , an unpleasant and egocentric TV newscaster from Pittsburgh ,Pennsylvania,assigned to cover Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney. (Has anyone noticed that Phil has the same first name as the groundhog?)

Phil Connors eventually got caught in a time warp wherein he would wake up every 6AM on February 2nd everyday to the radio tune of Sonny and Cher’s “I’ve Got You Babe”. Naturally, he was feeling upset and frustrated that he couldn’t get beyond Feb. 2nd and afraid that he might go insane soon until he started looking around him and using the time warp to improve himself as a person and to help others in the process, improve their lives as well. Only then did the Groundhog Day curse ended for him when he woke up on Feb. 3rd to a different radio tune and as a result, he became a better man, got the girl he secretly loved and decided to make Punxsutawney his home.

From the film context, this is where we got our saying“It’s Groundhog Day all over again!”, meaning that our circumstances appear to not change at all, as if everything’s on instant replay.

Happy Groundhog Day,everybody!