Wrapping or Bagging A Gift–Which Is Better?

Growing up, I have always remembered the element of suspense when anticipating Christmas Day as all my paper-wrapped gifts with fancy- looking bows of ribbon are decked out for all to see. Come the Big Day, the element of surprise comes when I unwrap/tear off the fancy paper wrapper to reveal my gift(s) for Christmas.

Nowadays, with so much focus on saving the environment and considering wrapping paper as potential hazards for our sewage system as well as unnecessary clutter for our landfill, reusable gift bags are now being used more as a way to carry our gifts. There’s still the element of suspense and surprise but the only difference is just lifting off the bunched-up pile of gift tissue paper that hides the gift underneath. Afterwards, reusing the gift bag again either for regifting or for other household purposes is a gift that keeps on giving in itself.

In my opinion, wrapping or bagging a gift is a matter of individual taste. What matters is the sincerity and goodwill that comes from the giver to the recipient of that gift. Watching the recipient’s joyous face in receiving his/her gift  is a given gift in itself.


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