Experience Is The Best Teacher–Is It And In What Way?

They say that experience is the best teacher because if we get involved in a certain situation and had witnessed a subsequent outcome from it, we learn from it and remember it the next time we encounter that same situation once again.
I sometimes ponder about this. If it was a great experience, then recalling it would be OK but what if it was a bad one? Recalling it would potentially be upsetting and might cause awful flashbacks in extreme cases.
Someone said to me long ago that it’s better to not experience a situation especially an unpleasant one and learn from it by just watching how others experience it and deal with it. Something like a passive observer it seems.

Still the common  denominator would be experience whether one is an active participant from it or just a passive observer watching from the sidellines.

Experience therefore proves to be  a great teacher. (I still have my doubts about it being the best)

Food for thought indeed!



  1. daXmom said:

    Recently, my adult child wished to totally forget a bad experience in order to end the current pain of it. But then, what about the lesson to learn to avoid a troubled repeat episode? A line from an episode of “West Wing” came to mind. I forget the characters’ names, but a staff member has nearly recovered from a gunshot wound inflicted during an assassination attempt. He’s haunted by the emotional trauma of the event and wants to know when he’ll feel whole or normal again. His therapist tells him that when he can remember the event without reliving the feelings, he has recovered. That distinction has meant much to me because it honestly recognizes the pain of some lessons while not nullifying the eventuality of recovery. I don’t have to forget the events of my history in order to heal from the pain of those events. I don’t have to like the experience or even choose the experience in order to choose to learn from it.

    • I hear and fully agree with your input. Also know that God doesn’t give us any situation that we can’t handle. Things happen for a reason. Whether it’s good or bad, painful or painless, it happens and we may only know the real reasonable logic for its existence as we look back at it later on. As they say, God works in mysterious ways.

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