Experience Is The Best Teacher–Is It And In What Way?

They say that experience is the best teacher because if we get involved in a certain situation and had witnessed a subsequent outcome from it, we learn from it and remember it the next time we encounter that same situation once again.
I sometimes ponder about this. If it was a great experience, then recalling it would be OK but what if it was a bad one? Recalling it would potentially be upsetting and might cause awful flashbacks in extreme cases.
Someone said to me long ago that it’s better to not experience a situation especially an unpleasant one and learn from it by just watching how others experience it and deal with it. Something like a passive observer it seems.

Still the common  denominator would be experience whether one is an active participant from it or just a passive observer watching from the sidellines.

Experience therefore proves to be  a great teacher. (I still have my doubts about it being the best)

Food for thought indeed!



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