Good Friday

Good Friday is the day on which Christians remember Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It’s the Friday before Easter Sunday.

Observance of fasting and shunning “hot” meat(beef,pork,chicken) on this day is being practiced except if one’s infirmed or pregnant for example. You’re allowed only 1 full meal on that day but if you can’t do it, it should be replaced with acts of charity. Seafood is allowed to be partaken on this day as well. At times, we also give up any pleasurable activity for that day as part of self-sacrifice and atonement considering that Christ gave up His life for us for the sake of redemption.

No merrymaking like loud noise and music for example are allowed. Most stores are closed on this solemn except for essential services like the police , fire dept  and hospital/medical services.

Churches are open on this day though  regular church services are limited. For sure, there will be a ritual called Stations of the Cross wherein the priest would go from 1 end of the church to another stopping at each mural depicting Jesus Christ’s trip to his crucifixion. If one wants to get married on Good Friday, one will be allowed to but without church music and to keep the wedding ceremony and entourage simple in light of this auspicious day.

Good Friday makes us reflect on  Christ’s suffering and death on the cross as well as all our efforts to lead a Christian life. We acknowledge our limitations as human beings and to strengthen our resolve to  improve our lives as best as we all can, not forgetting to ask God for help if necessary, knowing that He is always there for us all.


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