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With the advent of online shopping, most merchandisers release(usually by email) upon finalizing every online order, a tracking number for the customer to trace/track their impending parcel containing their particular purchases.

I feel that it serves 3 purposes:

First, it gives the customer the name of the shipper/courier  that will send us our parcel.

Second, it gives the customer an idea as to when their parcel will arrive and will plan their day ahead of time. It eliminates the aspect of the unknown as to when the parcel will be shipped to them as well as its impending arrival. If necessary, one might need to delegate someone to sign and receive the package on your behalf. In some cases, one might have to inform the shipper/courier about this so that it can be noted under special instructions.

Third, it eliminates time and effort on the merchandiser to track the parcel for the customer.

I really consider parcel tracking numbers as a god-send in my opinion.

Just food for thought!



It’s that time again,folks! After setting back Father Time by 1 hour last November, once more , we turn the clock by 1 hour in advance in March just a few weeks before Easter this year. Take note that it’ll happen March 10.

Remember the words: Spring forward,fall back  in determining time adjustments whether it’s daylight savings time or standard time.

I look at this as a sign that spring will be coming however with the way Father Winter has been hammering us with almost consecutive blizzards every weekend, it’s hard for my mind to wrap around the spring concept somewhat.

Oh,well, we’ll all just have to take it as it comes.



They say that experience is the best teacher because if we get involved in a certain situation and had witnessed a subsequent outcome from it, we learn from it and remember it the next time we encounter that same situation once again.
I sometimes ponder about this. If it was a great experience, then recalling it would be OK but what if it was a bad one? Recalling it would potentially be upsetting and might cause awful flashbacks in extreme cases.
Someone said to me long ago that it’s better to not experience a situation especially an unpleasant one and learn from it by just watching how others experience it and deal with it. Something like a passive observer it seems.

Still the common  denominator would be experience whether one is an active participant from it or just a passive observer watching from the sidellines.

Experience therefore proves to be  a great teacher. (I still have my doubts about it being the best)

Food for thought indeed!



Growing up, I have always remembered the element of suspense when anticipating Christmas Day as all my paper-wrapped gifts with fancy- looking bows of ribbon are decked out for all to see. Come the Big Day, the element of surprise comes when I unwrap/tear off the fancy paper wrapper to reveal my gift(s) for Christmas.

Nowadays, with so much focus on saving the environment and considering wrapping paper as potential hazards for our sewage system as well as unnecessary clutter for our landfill, reusable gift bags are now being used more as a way to carry our gifts. There’s still the element of suspense and surprise but the only difference is just lifting off the bunched-up pile of gift tissue paper that hides the gift underneath. Afterwards, reusing the gift bag again either for regifting or for other household purposes is a gift that keeps on giving in itself.

In my opinion, wrapping or bagging a gift is a matter of individual taste. What matters is the sincerity and goodwill that comes from the giver to the recipient of that gift. Watching the recipient’s joyous face in receiving his/her gift  is a given gift in itself.


Using computers is a way of life nowadays. We use them to surf the Internet, search for anything that we can think of under the sun, do online shopping and banking and even chat by Skype for example. Some could even  be like couch potatoes wherein they’re on the computer all day and all night.

However, one has to inquire from their internet provider if there are any usage costs involved at all. If there are such costs, it’s important to avoid them as possible.

They usually will either provide you with a link to check on your internet usage or will give you instant messaging if for ex., you already incurred 50%-75% usage and will inform you if 100% usage had already occurred. Once you go beyond 100% usage, they’ll start charging you for the excess %.

Check it out!


Both my sister and my niece had recently traveled abroad to attend an event there. For my niece specifically, it probably was a learning experience for her in more ways than one. Not only did she get to know a country by being physically there but also to meet some relatives from our side of the family still residing there as well. It’s like getting to know some branches of your family tree in a way.

I could tell from their travel pictures that both my sister and my niece enjoyed about the overall trip.
I have yet to talk to my niece about her specific viewpoints on this very recent overseas trip of hers.

One thing’s for sure. She is able not only to learn more about the world around her but also more about herself in relation to this world.

This particular viewpoint can also apply to all of us,not only to those bitten by the travel bug.